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5 Things to know about Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu will be on the London Fashion Week Festival catwalk on Sunday 24th September.

1. What is your first fashion memory?

My first fashion memory was my mum wearing this long purple crochet gown for a work ball she was going with my dad. My parents both doctors and they had a glamorous event every month. My mum was always a true inspiration.

2. What has been your best-selling item?

My best item is the cocktail dress…every season I would have couple of these cocktail dresses with in the collection and it’s always in the best-seller list.

3. What has been your most unexpected success?

After my first show, I won the New Generation Award from the British Fashion Council four times and I am truly thankful for their support. Also being invited to Buckingham Palace to meet with queen and receive a thank you for my contributions to British fashion industry in 2010 was a big highlight in my career.

4. What did you spend your first big pay cheque on?

A 2 week holiday in Barbados

5. What do you see as your unique point of difference?

I am an incurable romantic and my aim as a designer is to seek and define beauty in my own terms. Fashion design for me is a visual language that enables me to communicate with the outside world.

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7th Sept 2017

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