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ΒIJOU BIJOU is a one of a kind online experience that brings you the best new jewellery trends in the most affordable prices and the best quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Βijou Bijou is a one of a kind online experience that brings consumers the best new jewellery designs at the most affordable prices, created from the finest quality materials and characterized by superior craftsmanship.

Featuring an array of leading guest jewellery designers including ASHK Jewelry, Bill Skinner, Estella Bartlett, Maria Black, Caroline Najman and Hanka In as well as Bijou Bijou’s own signature range, the collections are continuously updated and enriched with new creations from these up and coming and renowned artists from all the fashion capitals of the world.

One of the unique and defining features of Bijou Bijou’s offering is the way the jewellery is sourced. Their expert team of international stylists scour the globe discovering new trends and introducing them to consumers before everyone else. Through their extensive industry knowledge and experience Bijou Bijou’s stylists have a strong editorial focus in mind as well as a true understanding of how the pieces will look on their customers. Bijou Bijou is the ultimate jewellery shopping experience brought to you by their leading team of global stylists.

Offering a highly original online shopping concept, Bijou Bjiou’s editors and stylists have themselves worked for leading international magazines including Vogue, and with numerous celebrities.  Picking up not just what glitters and shines the most, but also curating the most precious and fashion forward pieces for the most demanding of customers, is second nature to the Bijou Bijou team.   Their stylists are also on hand for styling tips and advice about how to wear the accessories best, or how to pull off that perfect look. Customers can e-mail Bijou Bijou’s stylists or even call them up and get their expertise instantly.

Bijou Bijou’s mission is to offer the highest quality in materials and design at the best price possible, guaranteeing a guilt free, fabulous shopping experience for women of all ages and tastes.

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