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Brigitta is an independent label based in London, creating contemporary jewellery influenced by culture, nature and storytelling.
 London-based Brigitta Anderson launched the brand in 2017 through a love and passion for jewellery, design, art, culture and hands-on making. Having previously worked as a graphic designer within the fashion industry, she stepped away from the computer and into creating with her hands, wanting to make contemporary jewellery that was not only aesthetically beautiful, but had meaning a narrative behind it. As a brand Brigitta is part of the slow fashion movement, not conforming to seasons, but thriving on the creative process, making modern pieces for conscious individuals. 
The current collection is inspired by nature and organic form; interlinked with indigenous cultures. It celebrates the diverse, “imperfect”, unique beauty of nature, from discarded lobster antennae shaped into hoop earrings and rings to asymmetrical earrings made up of broken and eroded shells. Seeking out objects from nature that were seen as flawed, Brigitta captures their unique beauty through the process of lost wax casting. Turning “imperfect” on its head and into something beautiful and wearable. Brigitta is also influenced by indigenous traditions in which the jewellery you wear has meaning, weight and depth to it. Each piece in the collection holds a story and honours this concept of wearing something with a narrative and profundity behind it as it always has done within tribal cultures.
Although Brigitta is inspired by the age-old tradition of making jewellery from natural found objects, the pieces are distinctly contemporary, relevant and current. Hoop earrings and two finger rings brings modern culture into the collection and using organic form to do so creates a visual marriage of nature and contemporary jewellery.
The process of designing, creating and making is a focal point to the brand, so each piece you wear is handmade in London with love, time and care. Brigitta uses sterling silver and 24k gold plating to insure high quality products that have longevity. For processes that can’t be done in house, Brigitta works with local independent businesses based in London.

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