Forget about borders, follow your curiosity, embrace new horizons! Created for digital nomads, Horizn Studios' innovative range of smart luggage, Italian leather bags and accessories is designed to make every journey even more inspiring.

Horizn Studios strongly believe in the power of open-minded, ever-curious, worldwide collaboration. Their products are designed and engineered by a global community, for a global community. They want curious minds to travel even more; to connect and create bonds all over the world.

Their team personally scour the globe to find the best materials and manufacturers for every individual piece, going direct to cut out all middlemen costs and passing the savings onto you. All their leathers are traditionally tanned and stitched in Italy, while premium German polycarbonate and top-flight Japanese wheels put a spin on their signature luggage.

After receiving some amazing feedback from thousands of customers, Horizn’s Cabin Trolley has already been named “the world’s smartest design luggage” by travel experts. Featuring an integrated removable charger, ultra-durable hard shell, silent and shock-resistant wheels, optional GPS and a sleek Vacchetta leather and high-end Nylon front pocket, it’s the perfect travel sidekick. Stay tuned for the release of their 360-degree hard shell model this March.



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