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New Careers

Caryn Franklin discusses ‘New Careers’ with The WW [Working Women's] Club Phoebe Lovatt and River Island’s Customer Director - Josie Cartridge, in partnership with River Island.

With a rise in flexible hours and mobile work spaces, the ‘9 to 5’ routine is evolving. Caryn Franklin discusses ‘New Careers’ with The WW [Working Women’s] Club Phoebe Lovatt and River Island’s Customer Director- Josie Cartridge; exploring how the use of technology and social media has influenced career pathways, seeing them no longer restricted to the traditional office environment…

Harriet Hall is a London-based journalist working across print and digital platforms, with an expertise in women’s issues and fashion history. She is currently Head of Digital Features at Stylist magazine.

Josie Cartridge is currently River Island’s Customer Director. Following a successful modelling career, Josie studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology before working for a mixture of companies including Sainsbury’s and Gossard, where she gained skills in areas such as design, marketing and PR. Cartridge then landed a role as a fashion controller at River Island and quickly progressed up the ladder to Marketing Director. After 5 years she was then promoted to become the Customer Director of River Island.

Phoebe Lovatt is a London-born, New York-based freelance journalist, moderator and the author of The Working Woman’s Handbook: Ideas, Insights, and Inspiration for a Successful Creative Career. In 2015 she founded The WW [Working Women’s] Club, an international platform that provides creative women with the tools to network, share ideas, and grow their own careers.

Fri 22nd Sept
at 3:00 pm


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