4 things to know about designer Nicola Formichetti

  1. Founder Nicola Formichetti got his start in fashion working at Dazed & Confused magazine, and before long was working with Lady Gaga, where the star’s appetite for fashion necessitated up to 12 outfit changes a day. His most famous Gaga creation? Surely the “meat dress” she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards, crafted out of raw beef.
  2. Formichetti launched Nicopanda in 2015, along with his brother, Andrea. The brand takes its name from Nicola’s nickname as a child. Half-Japanese, half-Italian, Nicola in his boyhood apparently resembled a panda. 
  3. Many of Nicopanda’s designs are unisex: “I like showing a strong vision to represent all sexes,” he says.
  4. Known for its innovative collaborations – Champion, Tom of Finland and Urban Outfitters are all recent link-ups – in September Nicopanda joined forces with Amazon Prime, making its clothes immediately available to purchase from the London Fashion Week catwalk, not to mention delivered within hours.