5 Things to know about Zandra Rhodes

1. Born in Kent, Rhodes came to London to study at Medway College of Art and the Royal College. She started her business “to make clothes from my crazy prints that everyone else said were too extreme!”

2. A fabric specialist, whose unconventional prints are often inspired by her travels – to the Ukraine, Japan, and Malaysia – she says her brain is “a melting pot”. “My prints often have three or four different references in them that are completely incongruous – I don’t know what will come out when.”

3. The 77-year-old loves mixing her diaphanous patterned dresses with more modern wardrobe staples. “For me, the ultimate bohemian look is metres of super luxe billowing silk, but it looks great with a hoodie thrown over it, too.”

4. In 2005 she temporarily dyed her hair back to brunette – but no one recognised her. “It was so awful that I thought, ‘I’m going to stay [pink] forever – it’s easier than going through that.”

5. What gets her through fashion week stresses? “More make up, and perseverance.”