Top 70 Lovely Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is a hairstyle where hair is gathered together and then braided, frequently in a complicated pattern. Braids can follow the back of the head, criss-cross each other, and do many other fancy things! Viewers like seeing how various individuals come up with unique and interesting designs. Sometimes it’s a really easy braid like fishtails, or sometimes it’s more complex like Dutch braids or crown braids.

If you want to try out a lot of fun things with your hair, then you might want to learn how to braid. You can find tutorials for practically any kind of braid that you can imagine and use on your hair. Braiding can be done with just about any hairstyle.

70 Braided Ponytail
70 Braided Ponytail

1. Weave Ponytail

This style is perfect for all body types: short, tall, thin, pregnant. Its simplicity lends to easy movement, and you can achieve a variety of looks with just a few different weaving patterns. Those who suffer from hair loss or those who wish to experiment with their appearance would benefit from weaving their own hair up into this classic style. Whether you wear it up or down, your pony will be simple yet elegant and hold its shape throughout the day.

Weave Ponytail
Weave Ponytail

2. Side Braid and Low Ponytail

This style is an excellent option for those with a medium to the long ponytail. It is most often best suited to those with longer hair lengths or those who want a simple braid or French braid that flows well with your outfit. The side braid works best for thicker hair because the small strands can wrap around the weft, allowing it to remain secure and tight.

3. Box Braids Ponytail

This style is a popular option for those who want a variation of the shortened side braid. This style works best with hair lengths up to approximately 8-10 inches. It provides a unique look that is well suited to round or oval face shapes by adding additional braiding strands over the top of your hair.

Box Braids Ponytail
Box Braids Ponytail

4. Jumbo Braided Ponytail

Although not always a preferred option, this style can be very trendy and stylish. It works best for shorter to medium-length hair because of the natural bounce created by the jumbo size. If used with care and an even amount of hairspray, it can be an excellent addition to your look. Earrings are optional but are great for finishing off your braid choice.

5. Fishtail and a Ponytail

A fishtail braid is a great option for those with fine hair. The loose ends are woven into the braid, allowing it to maximize your headspace and minimize the amount of weight your hair is carrying. 

This style is best suited for those with an irregular ponytail. Simply pull one section of hair out from the rest, forming a loop on end, and then weave that loop through the loops on either side of your ponytail. Secure it to keep it in place and repeat the process on either side of your head.

Fishtail and a Ponytail
Fishtail and a Ponytail

6. Candy Braid with Ponytail

Pulling hair into a ponytail and splitting it into two halves is a common styling technique. Hair is braided and wrapped around the base of a ponytail for a finished look. The use of color streaks is entirely optional. The braid can have some candy thrown in before wrapping it around the base for added flair and texture.

Candy Braid with Ponytail
Candy Braid with Ponytail

7. Messy Gray Ponytail

This style is a terrific choice for individuals who have thicker hair or who have a braid that they would want to customize in their own manner. The finished effect is more in your hands, which helps to reduce frizz and define your naturally curly hair.

In addition, you may include some decorations into your styles, such as a feather, flower, or bobby pin, while maintaining the same chaotic look.

Messy Gray Ponytail

8. Long Natural Ponytail

This is another style featuring thin strands. The strands in this style are long and flowing. The hair is left to fall loose for a casual look, or the ends can be gathered into a ponytail. For this particular style, one that features thinner hair is best suited to a low ponytail so that the ends don’t appear bulky or bulky.

If you have long thin layers of hair, you should use an elastic latex band so that it will not pull on your hair while adding length and creating volume to each layer.

Long Natural Ponytail
Long Natural Ponytail

9. Braid de la Reine de Silver

This hairstyle has its origins in the ancient art of braiding hair. It is particularly effective on thick hair, French braids, and buns. The Silver Queen is a popular design since it may be worn in a variety of situations. Many individuals prefer to start with a simple ponytail and then add long strands that are worked into the ponytail to form a complete braid.

Those who wish to make an updo or other hairdo that demands the use of beads or a headband will find it to be an excellent alternative.

10. Bow Up The Braid

The bow up the braid is a fun and beautiful style that closes with the front of your hair. The bangs can be worn down or pinned against the face to create an ever-so-pretty look.

11. Wrap Around Ponytail with Braids

For a softer look, simply wrap the braids around your hair and tie them with a hairband.

To get a different look, try adding french braids to the braid. This option is great for those who want more volume or texture in their ponytail. To create this style, start by adding a basic three-strand braid on each side of your head. Then, simply add two additional braids on each side, wrapping them around the weft of the three-strand braid.

12. Dutch Braid Mohawk Ponytail

Though the bun may appear complex, it is an effortless style to create. It starts with a Dutch braid then is tied off with a low ponytail holder. The technique allows for many different variations but typically features a Mohawk-like look.

Lastly, this style would be suitable for those looking for more volume in their hair due to its thick twists throughout.

13. Dutch Braid Ponytail

This braid is quick and straightforward to create. Simply begin with the basic Dutch braid using three braiding strands and allow those to fall into a low ponytail holder. This style is ideal for those looking for a twist or two throughout their hair, as well as those who prefer a structured yet straightforward hairstyle.

Dutch Braid Ponytail
Dutch Braid Ponytail

14. Beneath the Braid Ponytail

This style is very similar to its sister side braid and low ponytail, but in this case, it begins with an underneath weave instead of a French braid. This style is very similar to other ponytails but with a few adjustments.

When creating it, simply begin with a braid that starts at the nape of your neck and ends at your crown. Then secure it with an under-bun.

15. Curly Ponytail with a Scarf

The scarf should be wrapped around the ponytail, pulling it tight and securing the braid in place. Avoid wraps that are too tight because this can cause breakage and tear in your hair. This style works best for more curlies with medium to thick hair.

16. Braided Ponytail with a Scarf

This style is similar to the scarf one, except that it is tied around your ponytail instead of pulling it tight.

17. Curly High Ponytail

The curly high ponytail is the perfect braid for medium to thick hair. It will work best for those with curly hair, but it also works well for someone who has straight hair. The curls stay in place throughout the style, and you can maintain a thicker ponytail.

Curly High Ponytail
Curly High Ponytail

18. Double Ponytail

This style is a little bit of an advanced braid for fine or thin hair, but it is best for those who want a style that fits into their wardrobe without being too difficult to pull off.

The double ponytail is best for those with fine hair or thin hair that is on the thin or fine side. With this style, you will have to make sure to pin back the ends of your hair if you have longer, thinner hair.

Double Ponytail
Double Ponytail

19. High Ponytail

The high ponytail is a very common style for many women. The high ponytail works for most individual lengths, and it works well with long and medium hair.

High Ponytail
High Ponytail

20. Side Swept Curly Ponytail

This style is similar to a side braid but is great for those with curly hair who want a tight ponytail with curls flowing along the sides.

This style works best for shorter hair lengths because the weft of the braid fits snugly around the curls, holding them in place throughout the day.

21. Box Twists Ponytail

This style is ideal for individuals who want to spice up their ponytail without having to spend hours attempting to get the perfect appearance.

The style looks best on hair that is medium in both thickness and length, as described above. The size of the twists themselves should be consistent throughout.

22. Twisted Updo Ponytail

This style takes a classic ponytail and gives it a modern twist by incorporating twists at the crown, giving the appearance of more volume. 

23. Coily Hair Ponytail

This style is great for those with tight curls or coils of hair. Use a large-barrel curling iron to curl your hair, applying heat to the ends of the strands. To make sure that the curls are not tight, don’t curl them all the way up to the root. The curls will prevent your ponytail from being too neat and perfect.

24. Wavy High Ponytail

if you have wavy hair and aren’t sure which way to style it, this is the style for you. It is wacky and asymmetrical, and it is perfect for you.

With the curly strands pressed up against the head and a bungee used to hold it in place, this style looks great.

25. Messy Hair Ponytail

This hairstyle works best with longer hair because the bangs are able to cover most of the tangled mess left behind when creating a messy ponytail. The bungee holds it all together, so no hair is left out in the open.

26. Bouncy High Ponytail

This is a cute hairstyle for everyday wear.The hairstyle looks easy to do, and the voluminous curls give extra bounce and fullness to short hair.The added clip can also be removed and used as a hairpin or made into a headband by sliding it over your head.

27. Thick French Braid Ponytail

Because it does not have the tightness of a braid, it is a terrific appearance for those with long or thick hair. It still retains hair in place thanks to the weft of the braid and the ponytail elastic, but you have the ability to effortlessly change how loose or tight you want it to look.

28. Professional Low Ponytail

This is a simple low ponytail style for professional women.This style works well for normal hair lengths, but if your hair is short, it will most likely require curling or straightening.A small amount of hairspray would prevent the hair from sticking to the face while still keeping it in place throughout the day.

29. Voluminous High Ponytail 

A no-fuss, the high ponytail is the perfect way to showcase a beautiful up-do. To get this look, use an elastic band that’s only partially visible underneath your hair. This technique will make the look less severe and more polished.This style works best for straight hair but can also be done with blood or a curling iron on curly hair.

30. High Ponytail in Platinum 

This style is a great look for someone with straight hair and really long hair that wants to get creative with their ponytail. Keep in mind that the curls will all be on one side, making maintenance more of a challenge than other styles. You can secure this style using bobby pins or even a headband depending on your comfort level.

31. Side Braid with Ponytail Weft

If you only have one day of school, try out this style that is both low-maintenance and stylish. The weft in the backcombed out after the braid is complete and then beaded by pinning it in place for a simple, clean appearance.

32. Sea Salt & Sparkles Ponytail

The sea salt and sparkles look unique and sophisticated yet easy to do and looks great on any hair length. The look is all about the curls that lay around your face in this updo. With a few bobby pins, you can make this look last throughout the day. Most importantly, this style is suitable for all hair types since each strand of hair has an equal opportunity to fall down the sides of your face without causing any problems.

33. Ponytail with Tree Braids

Tree braids, especially the ones with a spiral pattern, will give you the ultimate in soft and natural curls. This stylish hairstyle looks like a classic ponytail with two braids that are tied off at the end and are held firmly in place with a bobby pin. The braid crowns the curly ponytail, making it look more polished and finished than just two hair strands.

34. Ponytail with Accessories

With thick hair, this style is very flattering, as the weight of the accessories helps to disguise any thinning you may have in your ponytail. Probably the most appealing feature of this design is that it can be worn with or without accessories.

35. Voluminous Ponytail

A voluminous ponytail is one of the few styles that can be worn by everyone, even those with long hair. In addition to being fun, a voluminous ponytail is great because it’s a fairly easy style to maintain, requiring only a little static or holding spray to keep it secure.

36. Ponytail with Side Cornrows

This style is ideal for when you want to wear your hair up but still want the curls to show up at the front of your hair. Ponytails are most suited for hair that is longer in length, since they grow somewhat longer in front than in back, and may be secured in place by looping the ponytail around your neck .

37. Ponytail with Cornrows on One Side only

For this style, you will have to do cornrows on one side only, then do a ponytail with those cornrows out front. This style looks best on short to medium hair lengths because the hair is pulled back into a small tail and not too much weft of the cornrows is showing.

38. Braided Ponytail African Style

Instead of using a round headband as a braid, Curly Hair Girl uses an African braiding style. In this style, a large oval piece of cloth is placed between the client’s head and the ponytail holder. From there, hair is gathered around the outside part of the braid, twisted, and pinned to secure it in place.

39. Pompadour High Ponytail

This style serves as a simple and stylish alternative to the popular pompadour haircut. The ponytail is clean and tidy, with a few soft curls framing your face.

40. Messy Low Ponytail

If you’re a stickler for style and fashion, the messy look is perfect.This classic low ponytail look can be dressed up with some accessories or dressed down with some jeans.

41. Stylish Cornrow Ponytail

Cornrows are a trendy and fashionable way to style your hair. This is not for the faint at heart because it takes time.For those who have many days to devote to their hair, this style is ideal. Before you retire for the night, pin the cornrows in place using bobby pins. Then, once you’ve slept on it, take out the bobby pins and comb through your hair to eliminate any stray hairs that have gotten in the way.

42. Formal Sleek Low Ponytail

A sleek low ponytail is a great option for formal occasions. It’s a simple yet stylish look that has the perfect amount of movement and style. This low ponytail requires no bobby pins or hair ties which makes it perfect if you don’t want to deal with any hardware.

43. Formal Unique Low Ponytail

If you’re going for an elegant, high-maintenance hairstyle, then the unique low ponytail is one of the best options for you.

44. Thick Braids Ponytail

A step up from the messy look is a braid. You can opt for French or Dutch braid and see what pleases you more. You can always let the braid fall right on your shoulders, or you could tie it up in a bun. The thick braid will give your hair volume and texture.

45. Rotating Braids Ponytail

A French or Dutch braid is great, but if you really have time on your hands, try this rotating version instead. It has more design and detail to it. You’ll also see a major difference between this ponytail and the previous one. The French braid will be more bouncy and less tight. The Dutch braid will look more clumpy and tighter.

46. High Ponytail with Braided 

This high ponytail can be worn in the daytime or at night. It’s best to use a hair tie that matches your hair color. This braid is perfect for a classy, sophisticated look. It’s a great style to wear during the day, on a date, or just out with friends.

47. High Ponytail with Twisted Headband

This high ponytail can be worn at any age and any time of year. It’s sleek and stylish without too much decoration. This twisted hair accessory is the perfect finishing touch for the high ponytail.

48. High Ponytail with Braided Headband

This high ponytail can be worn during any time of day, but it’s especially good for formal events. This braided headband makes a great finishing touch. It’s best to use a hair tie that matches your hair color or skin tone.

49. Side Parted Cornrows and Ponytail

You can easily make this look work by styling it in the natural version, which we call cornrows. This look is simple and can be styled with a hair tie for a more polished look. The messy low ponytail looks best with strands of hair falling over the ears.

50. Braided Ponytail with an Undercut

Braiding is a very simple hairstyle, and it’s very popular in the younger generation. It’s also a more intricate way of getting your hair off your neck. This look is perfect for people that have fine hair but want to add some flair to their look.

51. Slick Ponytail with Baby Hairs

This is a chic and sophisticated look. This hairstyle is great for younger women who want to show off their professionalism as well as their femininity. The final touch is a silver hair ribbon to tie up your bun and help hold it in place.

52. Ribbon Adorned Braided Ponytail

For a bold look, add a few ribbons to your low ponytail. This look is both fun and chic. Wear a coordinating hairpiece or pin it up if you don’t want your hair to be able to fall over the edge of the hat.

53. Loose Ponytail Braid

This low ponytail can be done with a small braid. This is an updo style and has the appearance that it’s stuck to your head with hair spray. It may not be a perfect way to keep your hair out of your face, but it’s still a pretty hairstyle.

54. Classic Braided Ponytail

Another great low ponytail idea is to use a hairband to start it off. This classic look will never go out of style.

55. The Super Sporty Ponytail

If you’re the sporty type, then this ponytail will be perfect for you. It’s more messy than most but it works especially well at the gym or during sports related activities.

56. Colorful Ponytail Braid

A good suggestion is to wear braids all the time, particularly if they are done in your own hair. A low ponytail that tapers out into a braid is the ideal braided ponytail, and this is the perfect example of one. The wonderful thing about braids is that you may choose any color combination and any length of braid that you choose.

57. Banded Ponytail Hairdo

Girls love to adorn their hair with all kinds of bandana-styled headbands and colorful beads. This hairband is a great way to show off a low ponytail and even adds a bohemian flair to your hairstyle. You can also swap out the hairband for some funky headbands.

58. Banded Ponytail

Not everyone has the time to try out new hairstyles. If your hair is on the thicker side and you’re looking for a quick change, the banded ponytail is for you. You can use a scrunchie or hairbands with your ponytail to achieve this look.

59. Asymmetrical Ponytail

Asymmetrical haircuts are one of the easiest ways to get a new look without going under the knife. Use a long ponytail to achieve this style. Just cut the hair over the ear and tie a simple knot, then let the rest of your hair fall naturally.

60. Red Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail is one of the most popular styles to sport if you’re attending a formal event. The braid will hold its shape, making it an excellent choice for those who are heading to a wedding or prom. It’s also easy to change up the look of your ponytail, especially if you want to highlight a different section of your hair, just for fun or as a new style.

61. Low Braided Ponytail

When braided, the low ponytail is quite stunning. While wearing your hair in a ponytail, braid it to keep it tight and tidy. However, this look may be toned down for a regular day as well as for a party or special occasion of any kind.

62. Braided Messy Ponytail

The braid helps to keep the messiness of the ponytail and adds an air of elegance to it. The stocking cap keeps all the flyaway hairs in place and makes styling easier overall.

63. Curly Braided Ponytail

This is a classic look that is always in style. The curly ponytail has been around for years and isn’t going anywhere. If you have too much hair and you are looking for a simple to-do ponytail, the curly version will always be a winner.

Braid Over Ponytail This braid-over look might be hard to master if you don’t do it regularly, but once you get the hang of it, this will probably become your go-to style on busy days.

Curly Braided Ponytail
Curly Braided Ponytail

64. Jeweled Braided Ponytail

This is a sophisticated and stylish appearance. This looks best on wavy hair, but it may also be done on straight or curly hair. You may use bobby pins to connect your favorite Christmas jewels to the top area of your hair and then let the remainder of your hair flow into free waves on its own.

65. Floor Length Ponytail

Get that oh-so-glamorous gym look with a floor-length ponytail. This is a perfect way to get a cool, sexy look in the privacy of your own home.

66. Choppy Ponytail

This sloppy ponytail is really fashionable and simple to style. First, create a low side part with your hair, and then collect the remainder of your hair into a large “pony” style. Once everything is knotted up, lightly shake the ponytail to get the desired jagged look.

67. Fishtail Braided Ponytail

In order to make the sloppy appearance even more manageable, consider using a fishtail braid. This style may be achieved with either a fishtail braid or a conventional ponytail. Because this kind of hair requires little to no styling care, you should be able to wear it around the clock without feeling self-conscious.

68. Mystical Adorned Braided Ponytail

The addition of beads and flowers to a classic low ponytail creates a mystical style that is perfect for any occasion. This hairstyle is suitable for teens because it’s simple to do and doesn’t require many tools or supplies. If you’re trying to do this look on your own, you can use several bobby pins strategically placed in your hair to keep it in place.

69. Whimsical Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is an excellent way to get a ‘do that looks adorable. Braiding your hair and then securing it with a hair tie is one of the easiest ways to wear your hair up yet so fashionable.

70. Short Messy Ponytail

If you want to keep your hair shorter, try rocking this sloppy ponytail style instead. Women who like experimenting with their hair may appreciate this style. This style can be done by simply braiding your hair and then putting it up with a bobby pin, as seen below.