Braids With Weave: 25 Best Hairstyles To Try

Braid hairdos with weave are incredibly versatile, and the styles that could be formed are virtually limitless. There are a plethora of braids to choose from. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 25 of the year’s most popular braid hairstyles. Every one will set you apart from the throng of people and elevate your style game. But the only issue you will have is determining which one to try next time.

Chic Half Up Ponytail Hairdo

Choose a stylish half-up style with a high, curly ponytail. The upper section is also braided, as well as the stylist added some gorgeous by wrapping a few loose curls of the weave all around the pony bottom.

Braided Bun Hairstyle

Bun hairdos are ideal for the spring and summer months. So why not mix two of the most popular hairstyles to build a braided bun? This hairdo’s thicker and smaller braids are stunning. You may also try this or experiment with new thicknesses because this could be done in a variety of ways.

Burgundy Feed In Braids Hairdo

It is the dead of winter. So, why not add a little bit of color to your braids? Profound burgundy shades, such as this one, will be ideal. Burgundy braids can also be worn in the spring and summer. If colored braids are really not your thought, try a new color. For a look like this, any color might work well.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

The next look features an elegant cornrow ponytail. In particular, cornrow braids are extremely popular, and it is easy to see why. This is fed in cornrows that begin small and progressively grow in size. In addition, this gives it a distinct look and provides the ponytail a bright, fresh style that is ideal for spring and summer. Also, don’t forget to add some hair cords, cuffs, or both to the braids.

Feed In Cornrows Hairdo

Braided haircuts are a piece of artwork, as evidenced by our next selection. If you go for this appearance, add some hair accessories to the braids. For instance, braid cuffs are a fashionable, perfect finish that you can quickly incorporate into your hairstyle. These long braids complement the gold cuffs perfectly. You can also add as many as you want and choose any color.

Half Up, Half Down Braids Hairstyle

Hairstyles that tend to be half up and half down are always common. It is a lovely style that will freshen up your appearance for both spring and summer. The thing we like best about this appearance is that you really can leave the braids swinging and still look stunning. That is most likely due to their length, and they are extremely long.

Braided Haircut For A Special Occasion

Are you looking for a stunning wedding hairstyle? Something like this might impress everybody and make you memorable for all the correct reasons. So, if you are planning a wedding, take into account the elegance of a style such as this one. Don’t forget to include a beautiful hair accessory, similar to the one shown.

Blue Ombre Cornrow Braids Hairstyle

This is another style to wear gorgeous braids in style. This style has thicker cornrows that pass down the head. Rather than being pulled back into a ponytail, these would be simply left alone. It is a stylish look that will look great on any girl. Furthermore, this hairstyle is ideal for spring and summer. And do not be afraid to try things with various styles and colors.

Elegant Braided Bun Hairdo

Because our top pick go-to haircut is a high bun, we wanted to ensure to include at least one bun haircut on our list. Buns and braids are extremely popular right now, particularly when paired into one stunning hairstyle. We like how the curvy braid at the rear of the head contrasts with the rest of the hair’s shine and sleekness. There are numerous YouTube tutorials that will show you how to accomplish this haircut.

Tribal Braids Updo With Weave

Tribal braid hairstyle with weave is considered a style for hottest trends. It has both thin and thick braids with a groovy weave structure. We adore this appearance, and we believe you will as well. This is considered a strong statement piece that is ideal if you like to stand out from the rest. In this case, protective styling will not be dull, so dress up your braids with gold hair cuffs.

Ombre Bob Braids Hairstyle

Bob braids are simple to install and care for. They will not put as much stress or distress on your head, but they will still look fashionable and elegant. Furthermore, this type of braiding can be done in much less time for far less money as well. There is no way to go incorrectly with a bob braid updo.

Tribal Ponytail Hairstyle

You can completely flaunt your braids while retaining them out of your face. Furthermore, a small headband is required to create this high ponytail (or you might even need a large one to cut in half). Only several braids or a vibrantly colored scarf can be used to conceal the core of the ponytail.

Zigzag Cornrows Hairdo

The next look on our list showcases wonderful cornrows in a zigzag pattern. This is a groovy hairstyle that will add a special touch to your appearance. It is a playful, bold, and artistic look, which is exactly what spring style is all about. What’s more, a hairstyle like this will make a statement for any event. We love the creamy color passing through the braids, making the braids stand out much more.

Blonde Braided Ponytail Hairdo

Another way to try a braided ponytail hairstyle is as shown here. Only this time, there will be a fiery blonde in the mix. Including a hue like this delivers your style a unique edge. It is both awesome and groovy, and it will be a popular haircut for any young lady.

Braided Ponytail Hairdo With Curly Weave

Make your ponytail stand out by using a long curly weave and big and small cornrows at the upper end. High ponytails are rising in popularity, and it is just easy to see why.

Lemonade Braids Updo

In fact, lemonade braids are still popular. This is a great updo for the girl who enjoys being the center of attention. With a look like this, you will be the center of attention!

Big Triangle Box Braids Hairdo

Are you looking for a daring, different haircut? Large triangle box braids are our suggestion. You will not believe that these large triangle braids appear super stunning when done correctly.

Elegant Butterfly Braid Hairstyle

This butterfly braid haircut appears to be time-consuming, but it isn’t. Embellish your butterfly braids updo with silver or gold cords for the finishing touch. Choose this look for days when you really want to feel extra gorgeous and chic.

Feed In Braids To The Side Updo

The following haircut is a work of art! It is very sophisticated and has a thick, feed-in weave to the side. In general, this is a unique look that will impress everybody. It would be ideal for an evening out or a special event. It is just a head-turner!

Elegant Braid Ponytail Hairdo

With this adorable appearance, you can slaughter the high ponytail trend. This is an easier braided haircut with only one braid and a ponytail. While it is not as complicated as some we have seen, the popularity is undeniable. This is a lovely hairstyle that will suit anyone.

Tribal Braids Updo With Beads

There are basically loads of ways to wear braid hairdos with weave, and tribal braids updo are just one of them. This season’s top trending protective hairdo is tribal braids. Basically, this haircut is perfect for spring and summer, particularly if you embellish it with some sweet beads.

Half Up Cornrow Braids Updo

This is another fashionable way to wear braid style with a weave. Generally speaking, braid cords and cuffs are the simplest way to add tint and gorgeous to your outfit.

Two Cornrow Braid Hairstyle With Weave

This next hairdo has us completely smitten! Cornrows draw attention, particularly when done up in this manner. This look goes well with any outfit, both casual and formal.

Chunky Braid Hairstyle To The Side

If you are just tired of the same old braid trends, try out these clumpy braids to the side. All such side braids would be the prettiest summer look.

Two Braid Hairdo With Weave

Braiding your section of hair into cornrow braids tends to result in an incredible haircut, particularly when paired with a curly, long weave. This look is adorable, simple, and classy together at the same time.