How To Determine Your Body Shape?

In fact, fashion is all about commemorating yourself and feeling good in your own body and skin. We put together a guide not only to teach you how to recognize your body type but also to make you realize what brands and styles work best for your body. So, before we begin, let me state unequivocally that your body type is determined by your genetics and bone structure, not your weight. You might have any body type, at any age, size, or weight. All body shapes deserve to be praised, and recognizing your body shape is only the first step.

So, How To Decide Your Body Shape?

Whereas measuring tapes might offer a more precise process for calculating your body shape, the figures you note down could really easily be preceded by an unnecessary ego rather than, we will use a much quicker and more feasible method that requires three things, including you, your gorgeous body, and a full-length mirror.

Start by looking at yourself in the full-length mirror and noticing your proportions. The connection between three major points on your body determines your body type: your shoulders and/or bust, your waist, and your hips. Then draw a line right from your shoulder to your hips and then point out where it intersects. If you are having trouble visualizing something, grab a short mirror photo for regard. After that, consider the following questions, then look at the body types down below to see how your answers compare favorably.

  • Which part of your body is the widest—your hips, waist, or bust?
  • What parts of your body are you the most unfit in?
  • What part of your body is the first to notice weight fluctuations?
  • What styles are generally endearing to your figure and which are not?

Recognizing Your Body Shape

Despite your body shape or size, there are basically three key points to keep in mind when looking for styles that flatter your body type.

Finding balance is the key to complimenting your body shape. Make the most of your hips, waist, and bust. By emphasizing specific body parts, you take attention away from everyone else. Allow your favorite body part (as well as your confidence) to shine!

Use lines and shapes to direct the viewer’s attention wherever you want it. Take into account the placing of critical details such as pockets, stitching or seams, and embroideries as well as where an item of clothing hits you. The proper lines could really help you to lengthen your legs, generate a sexy hourglass waist, and perhaps even end up making your butt look so sexy.

Color and print should also be used with caution. Bold prints and vibrant colors are naturally appealing to the eye. It is really critical to think about the size of a print. Volume is increased by horizontal lines and big prints, while volume is decreased by vertical lines and small prints. Use these to take the focus away from your least favorite areas and more towards places you want to emphasize.

Hourglass Body Shape

Major Characteristics of an Hourglass Body Shape:

  • Your hips and bust are roughly the same widths
  • Your midriff is clearly defined
  • You most probably have a bigger chest and a fuller rear
  • You might consider yourself curvy

How to Wear for an Hourglass Body Shape

If you have these well-balanced curves, show them off! Accentuate your feminine body shape by emphasizing the smallest part of you—your midriff. Dresses and wrap tops are also your new best friend because they fasten in at the smallest part of your body. Choose high-rise bottoms to lengthen your legs and highlight your flat tummy. Avoid clunky and low-rise styles that hit at your broadest point and conceal your hourglass body shape.

Hourglass Body Shape’s Style Icons

Christina Hendricks and Blake Lively

Triangle Body Shape

Manor Characteristics of a Triangle Body Shape:

  • Your hips are typically broader than your bust
  • Your midsection is narrower and more defined than your hips
  • Your shoulders may be narrow
  • Weight fluctuations are most noticeable in your thighs and hips

How to Wear for a Triangle Body Shape

Show off your small waist and petite upper part. Bring attention upwards with structured or printed tops to balance out your broader hips. Choose dark washes and spacious cuts for your bottom half, which, when styled with a high-rise, will make your midsection appear small and your legs appear a mile long. Avoid clothing that hits at the hips or has dimension there because it draws attention to your broadest part.

Triangle Body Shape’s Style Icons

Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Major Characteristics of an Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

  • Your hips are smaller than your bust, and your shoulders
  • You tend to have a smaller rear end
  • You regard your shoulders to be wide
  • The upper torso is the very first place where you will start noticing weight changes

How to Wear for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Open necklines that attract attention to your gorgeous face complement your wide shoulders. To balance out your body proportions, search for styles that define your midriff while adding dimension to your hips. The effect of curves helps to balance out the wideness of your shoulders, so don’t be afraid to wear high-rise pants and waist-cinching belts. Style tight-fitting bottoms with humongous tops to emphasize your hips’ smallness.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape’s Style Icons

Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie 

Rectangle Body Shape

Major Characteristics of a Rectangle Body Shape:

  • Your hips, waist, and bust are all about the same size
  • Your waist is typically straight as opposed to curvy
  • You are probably taller than average
  • You might have an athletic physique

How to Dress for a Rectangle Body Shape

Your body proportions are perfect for building the effect of an hourglass body shape, so choose styles that add dimension to your hips and bust evenly. High-rise fits and belts help define your tummy and highlight your long legs. You will definitely look great in structured and customized items but avoid chunkier cuts.

Rectangle Body Shape’s Style Icons

Nicole Kidman and Kate Middleton 

Oval Body Shape

Major Characteristics of an Oval Body Shape:

  • Your waistline is equal to or larger than your bust and hips
  • Your waistline is not defined
  • You tend to have a bigger bust than most people
  • Your waistline is the first place where you will start noticing weight changes

How to Wear for an Oval Body Shape

Make use of cutouts and lines that create illusions! Look for items that deflect attention away from your stomach area and lengthen your body. For a slimming illusion, opt for small-scale prints (either palm-size or smaller is fine). Weighty ruffles and cropped fits can really make you appear shorter and broader.

Oval Body Shape’s Style Icons

Jennifer Hudson and Jenny McCarthy