Featuring on the Sunday catwalk at this season’s London Fashion Week: Insiders will be London-based design duo, Fyodor Golan, as part of the see now buy now catwalks new to this season! With a sartorial approach combining luxury sportswear with elevated aesthetics and conceptual intricacy, the pair’s creations are vibrant, colourful and visually energising – a testament to the brand’s spirited essence.

Having collaborated with pop culture icons such as Coca Cola and the Powerpuff girls, Fyodor Golan is known for their playful approach and ability to elevate prints and bold colour schemes through considered design. Fyodor Golan was established in 2011, and since its inception has gathered appreciation among some of the world’s foremost contemporary fashion icons, including Madonna, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez or Karolina Kurkova. Ahead of their London Fashion Week: Insiders runway show, we ask the pair to tell us more on their creative process, their artistic influences, and what they find most inspiring about London.

What inspires you, in the world at large?


The art of Katharina Grosse, the films of Almodóvar, the costumes of Sandy Powell, fantasy cartoons, the writings of Yuval Noah Harari…and anything that could be considered a pop icon without falling under the label of pop art is exciting to us.

In what ways does London inform your aesthetic?


London is such a fantastic melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and aesthetics. People here have really developed a successful way of living together in this great metropolis. London has taught us to see beauty everywhere and believe in the uniqueness of individual points of view.

She is intelligent, strong, daring, and feminine. Our idea when we started out was to create a range of garments for modern women believing that one can be fun and exciting while at the same time being powerful, smart and ambitious.

What excites you the most about fashion today?


The end client and the ability to have direct contact with them is very rewarding – dressing people and being a part of their lives by helping make their day better and filled with positivity.

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