The Best Hairstyles For Heart Face Shape

Haircuts for heart face shapes are designed to accentuate characteristics such as a sharply pointed chin, a broader forehead, and pointy cheekbones. Besides, bangs are the most popular hairstyle for heart face shapes because they cover up the additional zone on the forehead as well as balance the thickness of the face. Side bangs and piecey, long bangs are the top hairdos for this heart face shape.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Halle Berry, and Reese Witherspoon are among the famous people with heart face shapes. If you really want to generate length, add richness to the chin region, as well as avoid making any more thickness on the forehead by trying to add bangs to your face, you will want to look for complimenting cuts for your heart face shape.


What Are The Key Characteristics Of A Heart Face Shape?

Hairstylists and beauty specialists frequently classify the human face into various shapes. Heart, oval, round, oblong, square, and diamond are some of the specific facial characterizations. People with heart-shaped faces lack uniform and comparable facial measurements. Instead, the top of their face, above the nose, tends to be wider. The face tends to slope inward when it moves toward the chin. As a result, the chin might be narrow and pointed.

This name is given to a heart face shape since its shape is similar to the conventional heart symbol shown on Valentine’s Day cards. In addition, the shape is known as an upside-down rectangle. The big top part of the object is by far the most apparent and eye-catching characteristic in both correlations. Correspondingly, people with heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead and prominent cheekbones. Upper facial characteristics, such as big eyes or a bigger-than-average nose, might or might not represent this broadness.

The chin region is the most noticeable characteristic that differentiates a heart face shape from other face shapes. People with oval or round faces tend to have more rounded chins, whereas square faces tend to have rather flat chins. Heart face chins, on the other hand, are much smaller, less broad, and perhaps even pointed. This characteristic is reminiscent of the contour and joined edges of a heart symbol meeting in a single bottom point. Because the jawbones must angle markedly for this illusion, a non-prominent jawline is also popular.

Although face shapes can really be predicted based on physical appearance, scientific metrics could also help decide if an individual has a heart face shape or not. People who are wondering could really measure the thickness of their jaw, cheeks, and forehead from the broadest points. What’s more, a longitudinal dimension from the hairline to the chin should be taken, though this assessment is more significant in deciding other face shapes. As the numerical metrics for the chin are substantially lower than the fairly broad forehead and cheeks measurements, this is an indication of a heart-shaped face.

Best Haircuts For Heart Face Shape

Below are the 20 best hairdos for heart face shape. 

Straight With Side Flip Lob Hairstyle

Jennifer Matos, a superstar stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon, approves of the long bob (also known as lob), a common hairstyle that occurs to be globally flattering. This type of lob hairstyle is a wonderful hairdo for people with heart face shapes. It is also a great hairstyle to try if you are going from a longer length to a shorter one. If you have fine hair, style your long bob with a sweet side flip for an immediate volume uplift.

Flipped-Out With Center-Parted Hairstyle

Parting it in the center with the hair swept forward is one of the best hairdos for styling a lob. This reduces some of the thickness while emphasizing the jawline. Flip out the ends like Brittany Snow for a ’60s ambiance.

Curly Hairdos With Side Bang

While there are no specific rules for hairstyles, stylists concur on a few things to prevent if you want an appealing haircut. Generally speaking, hairstyles will look good on a heart-shaped face. Having said that, because it closes in on the jawline, a bob hairstyle with chin-length will be the least attractive. Rather than go for a longer bob, as seen on Tessa Thompson here. Curls and a side bang update this classic look.

Wavy Lob With Side Part

Cheryl Cole’s medium-length appearance is simple yet super chic, comparable with Nicole Richie’s appearance worn to one side.

“Down and Out” Lob Hairstyle

Matos advises maintaining the length on the longer side, reaching the shoulder blade, as everything shorter tends to look too blocky. You should also keep the length in the front and prevent very short layers. Nicole Richie achieves a relaxed look by styling long layers apart from her face.

Close Crop Pixie Haircut With Baby Bangs

In fact, pixies are difficult to achieve. A square face shape may appear even far more square, while a long face may appear even much more oblong, depending on the cut. However, if you have a heart face shape, this close crop hairstyle is practically yours. Ciara’s Caesar-style rendition is fantastic.

Choppy and Short Pixie

As you might know, Xavier Velasquez, a famous stylist at Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon, advises that the awesome, easy-to-style haircut will necessitate more hairdresser visits to keep its perfectly clean shape, but we think that it is completely worth it. It is also important to use the proper pixie hair and styling products.

Side-Parted and Long Pixie

A long pixie is an excellent choice if you really want to make a dramatic transformation or just go shorter. Not only would you be able to show off your beautiful cheekbones a lot more, but Matos also says that the longer layers connected with this hairstyle offer both softness and texture, which provide hair flow all together for utmost flexibility.

Feathered Layers Pixie Haircut

The pixie is a considered statement-making appearance in the best possible way, no matter if you opt for romantic or edgy. Audrey Tautou wears her hair long and fringed to emphasize both softness and texture.

Sculpted Pixie Hairstyle

A pixie haircut is ideal for thin hair because it is low-maintenance and necessitates little styling. Lupita Nyong’o wears a trimmed cut in a look that emphasizes body and volume on top.

Wavy With Side Part Long Layers Hairstyle

According to Velasquez, wavy and long layers lengthen and add roundness all around the jawline. As a result, it makes it perfect for those with heart face shapes. To achieve Sarah Hyland’s stunning curls, use a 1.25-inch curling iron.

Beach Waves Long Layers Hairstyle

If you prefer a more cool-casual feeling, Gwyneth Paltrow’s beach waves’ long layers are ideal. A 1-inch flatiron might help you get this stunning look. Take a piece of hair and iron it by simply turning your wrist, then complete with a beach wave spray.

Loose Waves Long Layers With Side Part Hairstyle

Long layers of loose waves, as Vanessa Hudgens can affirm, could really help to eliminate some of the boxiness that comes with fine or thick hair. Generally speaking, this is considered the go-to hairstyle when you do want to add extra layers and motion to your long hair without having committed to a huge transformation.

Tousled Long Layers With Face-Framing Highlights Haircut

Eva Longoria adds motions and body to her medium-length hair with long layers. It only takes just several face-framing balayage highlights to perk up her skin tone.

Wavy Long Layers With Deep Side Part Haircut

Reese Witherspoon is synonymous with heart face shapes. The actress’s hairstyles never eventually stop to astound, and we are continuing to take beauty tips from her. Witherspoon’s iconic long layers with side-swept bangs create a classic look that you will absolutely adore.

Blunt Bangs

Although we are on the subject of bangs, a heart face shape is the most likely to lift off a blunt hairline. In general, bangs are always a good choice for people with heart face shapes. If you are not really willing to commit, a gentle hairline starting at the end of your eyebrow and clipping straight down could really work.

Wispy and Long Bangs

The lash-grazing hairline of Katie Holmes really emphasizes her cheekbones and beautiful eyes. Wispy and long bangs can really be an excellent choice for heart face shapes because they help to conceal the thickness of the brow.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are very popular right now. They are not only fashionable and low-maintenance, but they also take lots of attention away from the broadest portion of a heart face shape and more toward your jawline, which helps to build facial balance. Instead of going for a single-length haircut that will only add chunkiness all around the face, Velasquez suggests pairing it with long layers like Keri Russell.

Textured and Long Bangs

Matos recommends side bangs that reach the cheekbone (or maybe your lip if you don’t really want to cut it too short) to enhance long hair lengths. On a heart face shape, the short fringe extremely highlights the cheekbone—especially when you pull your hair right back up (like into a pony style). In particular, Naomi Campbell’s hairline is a good middle ground.

Side-Swept Bangs

Olga Kurylenko’s heart face shape is complemented by layered, long waves and a side-swept bang. Besides, Maine goes on to say that layers should start at the upper lip or chin to open up the heart-shaped face and that profound side part is just flawless. It is critical to avoid having too many layers at the head. Avoid clumpy layers in your face frame, and everything requires to be lightened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see some popularly asked questions about the best hairdos for heart face shape.

Is a pixie haircut appropriate for a heart face shape?

Definitely yes. To shorten your heart-shaped face, opt for wispy, flawless layers that add both height and balance at the crown.

What kind of bangs complements a heart face shape?

Long side bangs with layers usually complement heart face shapes most while balancing out narrower jawlines.