Karl Lagerfeld designs Claridges Christmas Tree

This year, Karl Lagerfeld has designed the Claridges Christmas tree.

An excerpt from Claridges website reads:

The festive installation is inspired by Lagerfeld’s childhood memories of Christmas, with a series of inverted spruce Christmas Trees placed around the hotel lobby. The centrepiece is a sixteen foot high inverted tree with silver gilded roots topped with a multi-faceted mirrored star which reflects rays of magical light across the art deco lobby. Reminiscent of a silver stalactite, the tree is hung with traditional silver lametta decorations, silver butter leather feathers and snowflakes handmade by craftsmen in Germany with tree candles giving a warm, inviting glow. Under the tree sit hand sewn white Icelandic sheepskin rugs to reflect a recent snowfall.

An inverted candlelit tree takes the place of Claridge’s famous central chandelier to add a touch of Christmas chic. The pure white linen cloths that cover the tables under the various trees are symbolic of a Christmas ritual that Lagerfeld’s mother would perform every year.

Commenting on the collaboration Karl Lagerfeld said, “Christmas trees are the strongest ‘souvenir’ of my happy childhood.”

Claridge’s General Manager Paul Jackson said, “We are honoured and delighted that Karl Lagerfeld agreed to design our annual Claridge’s Christmas Tree. We believe this magical take on his childhood memories captures the spirit of the season perfectly and adds a sense of fun and glamour to our lobby.”