The Best Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shape

Not every hairstyle is suitable for everyone. For instance, if you do have an oblong face shape, your haircut must complement the structure and shape of your face. What’s more, those burnished locks help to accentuate your facial characteristics. A bad hairstyle can also make you look bad.

Face forms are classified as oblong, oval, diamond, square, heart, and round. We will talk about hairstyles for oblong faces in this article. The form of a long or oblong face is frequently mischaracterized as an oval facial structure. This shape, nevertheless, is long, and an oblong face would have a long forehead and chin. Furthermore, their forehead, jaw, and cheeks are all the same width, and they generally don’t really have full cheeks.

What is the best haircut for an oblong face? What effect do hairstyles have on your facial characteristics? If all of these issues have left you perplexed, let us assist you in getting them all addressed. We have rolled up some tips and tricks to help you select the best hairstyle for an oblong face in this post. Keep reading to learn more.

Consider These Hair Styling Tips For Oblong Face Shapes

  • If you have an oblong face, waves and curves will never screw you up. They contribute to the overall thickness of your face and, as a result, help to soften the looks of its length.
  • Girl, if you have a long face, bangs will be your best buddy. Side-swept bangs or straight cuts that conceal your forehead and chow down your eyebrow will do wonderful things for shortening your face.
  • If you do have an oblong face, don’t opt for high-up dos that lay on the top of your head. The quantity of these haircuts will only add to your face’s length and even make it appear much more oblong. High ponytails and high ballerina buns are, therefore, don’t work for you.
  • Highlights are yet another fantastic way to use your hair to slim your oblong face. Hair eclipting is a brand new hair coloring technology that utilizes localizing your high points in such a direction that they function as a curve for your oblong face.
  • This one may seem strange as it has nothing to do with your hair but bear with me. In general, your glasses could really work wonders for your oblong face. It makes no difference whether you wear prescription sunglasses or even just wear them for manners. Go have yourself square glasses or glasses with a bright color at the monuments and a low bridge because they can make your face appear bigger rather than longer. However, when we talk about sunglasses, classic sunglasses will look great on you.

Keeping these pointers in mind, let’s take a look at all of the haircuts that will look fabulous on your oblong face.

20 Stunning Hairstyles For Oblong Faces

Flowing Waves

Carrie Underwood understands how to style her hair to complement her oblong face. She typically wears her hair in loose, laidback waves that deliver an amazingly relaxed feel. The gouges of these waves fall directly on her cheeks, adding thickness to her face. This is enhanced by the middle parting, which enables her hair to fall evenly on both sides of her face.

Hairstyles with Layers

Hairstyles with Layers
Hairstyles with Layers

When you do have a long face, the amount provided by a layered hairstyle is ideal. Courteney Cox’s hair is cut in two layers, the first at her cheeks and the second midway down her neck. When cut in loose curls, these layers tend to add a lot of volumes all over her face and alter the form of her oblong face by adding thickness to it. The asymmetry formed by the mildly off-center splitting works beautifully as well.

Traditional Side Sweep

When Kim Kardashian is rocking a look, you better believe you should also be doing the same. To enhance her narrow, long face, she has chosen a traditional style. Her copious waves have been swept to one side to attract the eye sideways and balance out her face’s oblong shape. Her hair starting to fall provocatively down one side of her brow completes the appearance.

Side Swept Bangs

Take a cue from Kelly Rowland’s style and go get yourself a bang. Hairstyles that cover one-third of your face are ideal for oblong faces. Rowland’s bangs accomplish this. Her side-swept bangs help hide her entire brow and hide her face’s length as well. This appearance is unstoppable when styled with some straggly curls at the bottom.

Vintage Curls

Vintage Curls
Vintage Curls

One of the trendiest hairstyles for oblong faces is this stylish look. The vintage curls combined with the side-swept style and the intentional showing off her ear make this appearance ideal for anyone with an oblong or long face like Liv Tyler.

Short Curls

Short Curls
Short Curls

When we talk about cutting and styling her hair for her oblong face, fashion model Iman understands what she is doing. The goal of this hairstyle is to compliment her oblong face rather than hide it. Her shoulder-length hair is curled at the end points and separated down the middle for a beautiful hairstyle. Her dark brown hair has been underscored with caramel highlights, which complements her oblong face gorgeously.

Shag Half-Up Curls

Angelina Jolie is the person who looks for inspiration when it comes to hairstyles for your long or oblong face. While she produced volume on top with a subtle quiff, she offset its elongating illusion with some middle parted long bands and some shag curls to add volume on both sides.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Crazy Curls 

Carrie Bradshaw is nothing short of a modern-day millennial woman’s symbol. But Sarah Jessica Parker’s crazy curls for the position in Sex And The City are much more distinctive. She went for amazingly copious and scraggly curls to complement her exceptionally oblong face, which added thickness to her face while also making it appear smaller in comparison.

Fringe Bangs or Curtain Bangs

Fringe Bangs or Curtain Bangs
Fringe Bangs or Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs or fringe bangs are another perfect style of bangs for oblong faces. These bangs are split up down the center and meet all the way to your ears. The way they fall down both sides of your face resembles curtains dragged back from a window, thus the name. The manner these bangs conceal a portion of your brow is ideal for changing the shape of your oblong face.

Short Bob

Short Bob
Short Bob

The best hairstyle for an oblong face shape is a short bob. As we might all know, Victoria Beckham is the queen of style and fashion. Her signature bob has wowed the world for decades, and also for clear reasons. Her bob is side parted and has blunt edges that slip down a few inches below her chin. Her blonde accents, on the other hand, do marvels for adding thickness to her long face and tying the whole appearance together.

Short Curly Bob

Teri Hatcher, our preferred Desperate Housewife, does know exactly how to make things actually work for her extremely oblong face. She understands that a short bob is the greatest way to add thickness to her oblong face. She only needs to style her hair in tight curls and part it on one side to be ready to rock the red carpet.

Voluminous Curly Bob

Tracee Ellis Ross looks gorgeous in a bob that skims her shoulders, thanks to her inherently curly hair. Her curls shape her stunning oblong face flawlessly when split up down the center. She has also had some of her hair styled short in the front to generate pseudo-bangs that bring attention to her eyes and brilliantly frame her face.

Basic Short Bob

Whoever said that you couldn’t wear short hair with an oblong face was mistaken. There are numerous short hairdos that are ideal for oblong faces. Consider the actress Milla Jovovich. To achieve a smoothly classy look, she purely straightened her short bob and separated it to one side. The gold headband brings a little bit of a touch of glitz to her appearance and ties everything together.

Mid-Length Wavy Bob

When choosing a short hairstyle for your oblong face, take a cue from Hilary Swank. Her golden brown blonde curls have been cut in several open curls and styled in a long bob to generate a simple yet elegant hairstyle appearance that accentuates her oblong face flawlessly. Dragging one side of Swank’s hair back behind just one ear is an easy tip she has used to add thickness to her oblong face.

Bumped Up Waves

Sandra Oh is rocking the oblong face with a big hairstyle. And when we say big, we simply mean big. She has extra width to all three sides of her face by wearing a pouf on the top and wearing her hair in terrific copious waves. This appearance is quirky and bold, with lots of texture added to hairdo her hair. This hairstyle’s sheer amount complements her oblong facial structure and makes it appear smaller in contrast.

Long Lustrous Waves

A wide range of hairstyle trends always come and go, but there are several styles that never go out of fashion. And one of them is flowing, long hair cut in waves. Gisele Bundchen has worn this traditional style for years as it compliments her oblong face flawlessly.

Side Ponytail

When you have an oblong face, you should really try different hairstyles and shapes. Consider the case of Iman. She is wearing a basic low side ponytail that is swapped on one side. Her hair is styled across her forehead horizontally by the deep side part, altering the form of her oblong face.

Headband Updo

It is true that oblong-face women should not opt for high updos. However, you will need to consider after this. Sanaa Lathan’s official updo rests beautifully at the crown of her head. The simple, thin gold headband covered all over her head three times draws the attraction sideways, attempting to distract from the length of her oblong face.

Dramatic Side Sweep

As you might know, Ashlee Simpson’s dramatic hairstyle is definitely stunning. She has swept her hair to the side to balance out her oblong facial structure. This side swept haircut, cut in texturized, big curls, generates enormous volume solely on a single side of her face, drawing the eye sideways and diverting attention away from her oblong face form.

Slicked Down Middle Parting

Look no further if you’re looking for a completely strong hairstyle. Jessica Lowndes looks super cool in this slicked down middle parted appearance cut in waves. Lowndes has dragged all of her hair on the backside of her ears, exposing them and making her oblong face appear broader.

So, girls, that’s it! Our list of the best hairstyles for an oblong face. I hope you have found a few looks that appealed to you. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us which of these hairstyles you are most excited to try.