How To Wear Pencil Skirts: Detailed Styling Tips And Ultimate Outfit Ideas

It can be said that nothing beats a timeless classic, and a chic pencil skirt is just what it is. Whereas the name conjures up images of the 1950s and Audrey Hepburn, this item never went out of fashion and, therefore, can still be used to put together an outfit.

Pencil skirts that are now flexible enough to enhance a huge variety of aesthetic appeal weren’t always as stylish as they are present. The legendary look appears to have originated in 1908 at the time Edith Berg tied a rope all around the bottom of her skirt to keep it in place while flying in Wilbur and Orville Wright’s airplane. Because of the historical significance of the flying (Berg was considered the very first woman as an airplane passenger), the look captured on, and the cripple skirt, a long conventional fashion tied underneath the knee, had actually become a 1910s trend.

Detailed Styling Tips And Ultimate Outfit Ldeas
Detailed Styling Tips And Ultimate Outfit Ldeas

By the 1940s, Berg’s feasible travel fix had progressed into the more deliberate design, as pencil skirt forms became common all across the fashion world. Christian Dior’s H-line collection from 1954 features what appears to be today’s pencil skirt. Since then, it has been a workplace staple as well as a fashion statement that’s developed both visually pleasing and technically while maintaining its distinguishable shape.

Want to incorporate the iconic piece into your appearance but don’t know how to access the best versions in 2022? Scroll down to see 15 pencil skirts that would look gorgeous in any wardrobe.

Fit And Length Of A Pencil Skirt 

When it comes to pencil skirts, the two most significant specifics to consider are fit and length. So when the hem of a pencil skirt comes to an end all around the knees, it is most flattering. It could be a little bit higher or lower, but not any lower.

The skirt should also be fitted at the waist and fall just below the hips. If the waistband is a little too tight and it is hard to sit, it is just too snug. Another sign of a bad fit is the appearance of horizontal lines all over the hip area.

The proper fit and length of a pencil skirt will allow it to delicately follow your beautiful natural curves while remaining comfy to move and sit in. In general, fit is important at work, so always make sure the fit and length are just right so you can feel fashionable and confident. You might not have to worry about your clothes at work since your central emphasis should be on the task at hand.

Note: Almost all pencil skirts have a slit in the back that allows you to walk and sit far more comfortably. They could be found in the back, the front, or the side of the vehicle. Because you will be wearing your pencil skirt attire to work, pay attention to how high the slit is.

How To Wear Pencil Skirts: 15 Outfit Ideas That Flatter Your Body

The pencil skirt has been a staple piece ever since the 1950s and has gone through numerous style iterations. As a consequence, while the narrow, figure-hugging form has stayed constant, the number of ways it could be worn has grown massively.

In fact, the pencil skirt can really be your special hidden weapon for channeling the appearance of a soulful Hollywood siren, a strong businesswoman, or a high-end fashion business magnate. You can completely dress it either up or down for work, a night out, or the streets. Style your pencil skirt with some killer heels to emphasize your body from the midsection to the floor.

Choose a skirt that falls right on a little above the knees for petite women who want to take part in the trend. This would showcase your natural curve while giving the appearance of height. From there, the attire opportunities are endless.

Searching for a casual outfit that exudes unbelievably easy cool? Combine your denim pencil skirt with a colorful crop top and classic sunglasses. Do you need a look that will take you from the workplace to the bar? Just put on a slim black pencil skirt and a slick satin blouse.

Lastly, at sunset, add a few red lipsticks to transition this appearance from day to night. So, girls, stock your wardrobes with a variety of pencil skirt styles and let the fashionable experimenting start.

Buttoned Pencil Skirts

You can’t really go wrong with a buttoned pencil skirt for an important meeting at your office, a stylish night out, or any other occasion when you want an elegant and organized shape. But nowadays, the high-waisted style is just as much a fashion statement as it is a wardrobe staple, and a black pencil skirt with gold buttons absolutely stands out while collaborating well with just about anything. Wear your pencil skirt to work with a beautiful white shirt and flats, then change into pumps or high heels for dinner that night.

Classic Black Pencil Skirts

Generally speaking, a classic black pencil skirt is just the correct response if you want a pencil skirt that is more flexible than any other type. This type of skirt uses technology to highlight curves while maintaining the form that made pencil skirts popular. Dress it up with a bodysuit and jacket or blazer for an appearance that can be worn anywhere, at any time.

Linen Pencil Skirts

As you might all know, linen pencil skirts are a fantastic way to incorporate this appearance into your summer wardrobe since they deliver a springy yet tailor-made feel that will take you from important business to fun round the town. Wear your linen pencil skirt with an airy button-up, moccasins, and a statement handbag for the utmost simple uniform.

Denim Pencil Skirts

The denim pencil skirt is always considered the best of both worlds if you really want to feel particularly put-together in denim or are searching for a pencil skirt that works well with casual items. A black denim pencil skirt that is made of water-saving natural cotton and will go well with a classic white shirt and trendy sneakers.

Fishtail Pencil Skirts

Wear a maxi-length wavy/fishtail pencil skirt that scoops up at the knees before actually flaring out as a nod to Berg. This style, which is also available in a knee-length and a variety of colors, will indeed look great with a bodysuit or tank top and could be the ideal type of vintage-inspired item you would really want to look for thrift to discover a completely unique version.

Tie-Waist Pencil Skirts

Try a pencil skirt with a tie midsection to change up the pencil skirt’s iconic shape. With its bright red tint and button closure, this style exudes modern polish, and the classy bow at the midsection adds the finishing touch. Pair it with natural colors for a simple out-and-about appearance, or go minimalistic with other red items for a full-blown style.

Tweed Pencil Skirts

Work attire does not have to be dull, and you can really make it less so with a tweed pencil skirt in vivid colors and a vintage print. Style your tweed pencil skirt with a cooperating blazer for full unsuspecting feelings, or you can also try a bodysuit or tank top to make the customized appearance work for an evening out.

Lace Pencil Skirts

Try a lace pencil skirt for an elegant, night-ready look. Although you can wear it to the office, the rich tones and floral print of this style actually make it ideal for special occasions such as baby showers, engagement parties, etc.

Leather Pencil Skirts

Hardly anything can beat a leather pencil skirt, and the croc texture elevates it to vogue status. The front slit in this dress is perfect for an evening out, so style your leather pencil skirt with a statement crop top and your favorite ankle boots for a memorable look.

Knit Pencil Skirts

In fact, a lot of pencil skirts have a stiff vibe to them, so opt for a knit style for something a little bit more pleasant. Knit pencil skirts are typically stretchy and have side slits, making them suitable for daily wear while also being elegant enough even for special events.

Ribbed Pencil Skirts

Try an elasticized ribbed style for a further comfy item that still makes you appear put together. Style your ripped pencil skirt with a cooperating tank to capitalize on the perfectly matched sets trend, which is a favorite for evenings out at the moment.

Ruched Pencil Skirts

Try a ruched pencil skirt that is close-fitting if you want a look that fits with the most new interpretations of the pencil skirt. A rose gold ruched pencil skirt looks great with a simple and clean tank top and bold accessories for a day out and about, casual drinks, parties, or simply anything in between.

Camel-Colored Pencil Skirts

Try a camel-colored pencil skirt in a considerable, fully lined fabric as a staple item for autumn and winter. The off-middle slit looks great with a pair of your favorite boots, and the hidden zipper adds a polished touch. Pair it with a beige shirt, a minimalist cardigan, and pearls to complete this timeless look.

Belted Pencil Skirts

Hardly anything holds a pencil skirt together like a belt, and the light pink color is ideal for the warmer months. Style this appearance with a neutral top and a pair of polished sandals or sneakers for a standout look at your next lunch or dinner or anywhere you decide to wear it.

Colorful Pencil Skirts

None of it says “excitement” like a vividly colored pencil skirt, and this yellow version encapsulates sunny skies and summertime. Wear it as a fashion statement item for a garden-party outfit or to change up your usual work appearance.

What About Tucking In Your Shirt?

When wearing a high-waisted skirt or a skirt with a denser waistband, a blouse should be tucked in.

When dressing in a pencil skirt, I always keep my shirts or tops tucked in. Wearing this way has several advantages: it generates a skinnier waist, it makes the appearance more elegant, which is particularly fitting for the office, and it creates the impression of longer legs for petite women (like me).

Finally, Dress In Style Even When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

On a different note, I feel compelled to share this since you might be feeling the very same way a few mornings.

Preparing for the day can be a chore. This is the worst, particularly when you have nothing at all to wear. It was difficult to get dressed the next day in this black attire! My love for clothing does not shield me from feeling like I do not even know what to dress, and I get disappointed when I can’t even put together such a great outfit.

But it’s particularly important to “dress beautifully” even when you simply don’t want to. Keep in mind that “you will not always feel like it, but productive individuals just do it anyway.” So, I managed to put together this extremely elegant office outfit after breathing heavily about not really knowing what to dress. I understand that there are several other essential matters happening around the world, but when you just feel put together, you are much more confident and ready to face anything!