How To Wear Red Pumps: 16 Ways That Make You Look More Flattering

Do you have a lovely pair of red pumps gathering dust in your wardrobe? Don’t worry because you don’t have to wait for a party or wedding invitation to use them. Look through the list down below to see if any of these clothes outfit ideas attract you or not.


Pair Red Pumps With A Jacket And Skinny Jeans

Make a simple outfit out of neutral, dark colors. Look through your wardrobe for a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt with either a long or short sleeve. Put on the red pumps and a jacket for a laid-back look.

You can also achieve a wide range of appearance this way! Try various accessories, such as a camouflage or leather jacket.

Experiment With Black And White Garments

Add a pop of red pumps to a white-and-black ensemble. Choose a black bottom, such as a pencil skirt, skinny jeans, or leather pants. To keep the balanced palette going, pair it with a white-and-black top. Then layer a white or black jacket over the top to make your red pumps pop.

Wear a white-and-black striped top with black leggings and then put on a white blazer, for instance.

You could also try wearing a white blouse with black capris or slacks.

Wear Blue Jeans And A Graphic Tee

Dress down with an iconic, casual look. Take out your favorite graphic t-shirt and a cool pair of blue jeans from your closet. As a final touch, wear your red pumps—they will add a nice pop of hue to your look!

Style a pair of blue jeans with a white graphic tee and red pumps, for instance. Put on a leather jacket as an added touch.

Put On A Short Dress And See What You Think

With your red pumps, you can dress up a basic dress. Choose a short, comfy dress to serve as the foundation of your ensemble. Before you leave your house, consider adding a pop of color with your red pumps.

Simple accessories complement this type of outfit perfectly. So, before you leave, put on a pair of dangly earrings and grab a clutch.

Put On A White Dress

Red can be used to add a pop of color to a white dress. Look in your wardrobe for a white dress. You will find that your red pumps will add a delicate but strong touch to the gentle fabric.

Accessorize your look with simple jewelry, such as a white bracelet.

Just feel free to add other pieces of jewelry or accessories, such as a pair of sunglasses or a neutral-toned handbag, to liven up your look.

Dress Entirely In Black

Choose black clothing and accessories. Wear a black dress or anything a little more relaxed, such as a pair of black jeans with a black tank top. Add a black clutch or handbag to your neutral-toned ensemble. As a final touch, slip into your red pumps to add a few striking contrasts to your attire.

Wear black tights with a short black dress and a waist-length black jacket, for example. Your red pumps will be the center of attention!

As a delicate complement to your pumps, wear a red hairband. You can also wear a jumpsuit in all black with your red pumps for a stylish look.

Make A Statement With A Blouse And Skirt

For a basic appearance, mix and match comfy skirts and tops. Examine your wardrobe to see what kind of skirts you already had lying around. Just look for anything simple, either long or short-sleeved tops, that you can try on. Put on your favorite shirt and finish with the red pumps.

For example, a white-and-black striped top can be paired with a knee-length, neutral-toned skirt.

In addition, you can combine a waist-high skirt with a collared blouse, then complete the look with your stunning red pumps.

Style With A Cool Shirt And Slacks

Put on a professional top and some comfortable khakis. Choose any slacks you have now in your wardrobe, no matter if they are khakis, all-black, or whatever entirely. To make an easy and fast outfit, pair these pants with a dress shirt or simple blouse. Then, add a pop of color to the look with your gorgeous red pumps.

For example, you could style a pair of khakis with a white blouse and a vibrantly colored scarf.

For a fast and simple look, style a red top with a pair of black slacks. Your pumps and top will look great together with this way.

Put on distressed jeans with a sweater

Wear a nice and comfortable sweater with a pair of worn-out jeans to keep things laid back. Choose your favorite pair of ripped jeans, no matter if they are a little bit worn-in or full of holes. Red pumps would then help tie it all together and add a touch of glamor to your appearance.

You could, for instance, style your red pumps with a pair of distressed blue jeans and a neutral-toned sweater.

Choose A Long Dress

For a classy touch, style your red pumps with a long dress. Look through your closet for a long dress you have not yet worn for a while. Rather than conventional high heels or flats, opt for a pair of stunning red pumps.

Complement a white-and-black dress, for instance, with a pair of gorgeous red pumps.

Put on your long red dress with red pumps for a classic look.

Experiment With A Patterned Jacket

You can consider adding a pop of color to your outfit with a bold piece of jewelry. Your red pumps don’t need to be the only thing that draws attention to your attire! Look through your jacket wardrobe to see whether you have any unusual jackets or coats, such as a leopard-print jacket. Combine this accessory with your red pumps for a genuinely exciting look!

Style a cheerfully colored skirt and top with your gorgeous red pumps, for instance. Then layer a leopard-print coat on top to complete the look.

Pair With A Red Top

With somewhat more red, you can bring attention to your attire. Your fantastic red pumps are a nice touch, but they don’t need to be the only thing that stands out in your outfit. Combine your preferred red top with your favored red pumps to complete the look.

If possible, choose a top that complements the color of your red pumps. This match will absolutely make your attire look very coordinated!

Put on a long-sleeved red top with skinny black jeans and gorgeous red pumps, for instance.

Red can also be used to complement your attire in a variety of ways, such as a red jacket, a red pair of pants, or a red skirt.

Combine With A Floral Pattern

Wear your floral outfit with your stunning red pumps. Look for tops, dresses, slacks, or skirts with a red flower print. Put on your beautiful red pumps with this outfit—they will definitely help tie everything together.

Style your red pumps, for instance, with a rose-print dress. You can also layer a red jacket over your outfit to add a pop of color.

Put On A Long Red Coat

Wear your red pumps with a bright red coat. Look through your wardrobe for any extra red jackets or coats you may have to lie around. When you are dressed and prepared to go, add a pop of color to your look with a red jacket and red pumps.

Style a pair of blue jeans with a long-sleeved top, for example. Then, throw on a long red coat and red pumps to finish the look.

Make Your Outfit Pop With Orange And Pink

Overlook the haters who claim that colors such as red do not really go well with pink. Generally speaking, colors nearer to the red tone on the color wheel, such as orange or pink, can be used to generate a variety of vibrant looks. Experiment with oranges, pinks, and neutral tones with your stunning red pumps to see what attires you can create.

A neutral-colored top, for instance, looks stunning with red pumps and pink slacks.

Wear Your Red Pumps To Special Events

Throw out those out-of-date wedding dress code guidelines. Putting on red on a special day, according to fashion experts, will not cause a stir. If you are still feeling somewhat nervous, choose red pumps in a much more subdued shade rather than a bright one.

The only hue you should never wear to a marriage ceremony is ivory or white because that is the bride’s hue for the day.