Best Hairstyles That Flatter Round Face Shape

Round face shapes are enhanced by a wide range of hairstyles. And in fact, there is not one that must be seen entirely “off-limits.” However, if your purpose is to deceive the eye and add definition and length to the face, there are several specific appearances that will definitely do just that. The tip here is to blow the flawless balance in the form of the hair. Round face shapes, in general, are much less suitable for very stylish or very weighty styling.

For visual inspiration, we have chosen some of our favorite styles and cuts from A-list celebs with round face shapes. They demonstrate that not only are round face shapes gorgeous, but they also do not restrict the haircut you can wear.

Browse through our 28 best hairstyles for round face shapes.

Best Haircuts For Round Face Shape


Wavy Long Layers

Long, elegant waves are the utmost red carpet haircut, and they look great on round face shapes. Chrissy Teigen’s subtle quiff lengthens her hair even far more by elevating and accentuating it; no reason to suspect with the help of a texturizing product.

Close Crop

The natural hair of Lupita Nyong’o is a thing of beauty. She proves how short hair can also be used to accentuate the round-shaped face. The main thing here is to go up rather than out. Volume is usually added on top, and the sides are typically kept close together to unveil a superb overall shape.

Bob Haircut With Deep Side Part

You might have heard that round-shaped faces should avoid bobs, but this is not completely true. In fact, Michelle Williams’ bob looks so beautiful as it sits just underneath her jawline, giving the appearance of a longer face. Furthermore, the profound side parting is extremely toned.

Long Bob Hairstyle

Generally speaking, a long bob, shown on Taraji P Henson, also creates the effect of length. The height hoist at the root hairs and side sweep start making this a haircut that will be suitable for anyone, but it works especially well on people with round faces.

Shoulder-Length Waves Hairdo

Shoulder-length haircuts look great on everyone, regardless of face shape. For instance, Mindy Kaling’s hair is long enough to balance out her characteristics, and the face-framing waves slender her cheekbones just a tad. Friese recommends using a big round brush to apply volumizing mousse before blow-drying. You can also follow with a big curling iron if you want to add more texture.

Sleek and Smooth Hairstyle

The straight and long hair of Mila Kunis is super stunning as it has a lift at the root hair and a pointy middle part to add a bit more edge. To finish the look, fog gently with texture spray for extra attitude, volume, and texture as well.

Loose Updo

This is another difficult look for everyone with a round-shaped face, but you could really pull it off. Consider a minimal messy bun with several tentacles left all around the face to loosen. Also, like Emma Stone, choose a side part.

Soft Waves with Medium-Length

Gabrielle Union’s hair has dimension, thanks to her long layers. In particular, her lob has contoured ends that slip down on her shoulders, highlighting her jawline. The center part will also help to lengthen her face, and that is why center parts are popular on round face shapes. This choppy hairstyle looks great on both laid-back and natural hair.

Wavy Bob Hairdo

With this haircut, Miranda Kerr has it all going for her—just one of her many awesome hair moments. In particular, layers provide volume, which she has accentuated with curls. Turn your hair inverted while drying for more body and roundness.

Beachy Waves Hairstyle

This haircut is not excessively bulky, but it has just sufficient height to make Drew Barrymore’s face appear longer. The beachy waves all over her face also make her face appear skinnier. Scrunch the hair (if it is not purely wavy) before fogging with a texture spray.


If you do have a round face shape, you have undoubtedly never considered a pixie cut, but Jennifer Hudson demonstrates it can be done. This is a super-adorable way to follow the round-face guidelines. 


The head-turning curly pompadour of Janelle Monáe’s might appear daunting, but it works extremely perfectly on almost all textures and types of hair. If you do have thin or fine hair and want to add volume, splash it with moisturizing spray before styling.

Curtain Bangs

If you notice, you will see that Kirsten Dunst has soft, lash-skimming curtain bangs. In particular, the subtle part in the center prevents them from being too bulky for a round face. This appearance can be achieved by using a texturizing spray and a medium-round brush. Make an effort to add volume and bend to your hair. If you want to add more curl, a big barrel iron will absolutely do the trick. 

Textured Lob with Side Parted Hairstyle

The textured lob haircut of Selena Gomez is perfect in every way. Just a little height in the head will beautifully lengthen the round face shape. At the same time, aside parting absolutely enhances your shape. Tickle hair only a little bit for this appearance and use a hair product that adds dimension.

Boho-Chic Waves Hairstyle

As you might notice, long, wavy hair is an extremely boho-chic look either with or without bangs. This hairstyle allows you to experiment with your style, just like Zoe Saldana does. Simply flip your hair over while blow-drying it with a high temperature for a laid-back version of this appearance. When the hair is semi-dry, you can use a round brush to completely dry it and add volume.

Half-Up and Half-Down Haircut

If you notice, the hairstyle of Gemma Chan is both trendy and realistic. A few soft tentacles keep everything relaxed and out of the way. A great option of style will be half-up, half-down because it provides you with a little height, while the soft and loose hair could be toned to lighten the appearance, flattering looks for people with round face shapes.

Textured Bob Hairstyle

As you might know, the textured bob of Lucy Hale is kept laid back, informal with a lot of texture. When started spraying over dry hair, the texture fiber can give extra light dimension and protect against loose hair.

Wavy and Long Hairstyle

The long, aligned waves of Olivia Munn can smooth out a round face shape. And when we talk about effective hair care, she does know what she is doing. Every nice style starts with how the hair was prepared. S spritzing the hair liberally functions as a base coat to balance out the permeability of the hair.

Natural Curls Haircut

The natural curls of Tatyana Ali frame her round face and truly give her a cheerful demeanor. Her face is narrowed, and her cheekbones are highlighted by the mildly off-center part. In addition, a leave-in conditioner can really help to keep curls at bay.

Pixie With Bangs Hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin has worn a range of special pixie cuts. However, this hairdo—complete with a bulky, side-swept bang—accentuates her round face gorgeously. The thick angular braid on this pixie does help to open up her beautiful round face shape. You can apply blow-dry gel to damp hair and soft with either a paddle or flat brush to generate splitting at the fringe. To create the look, you can use a paste or pomade. 

Lob Hairstyle With Razored Ends

The gleaming appearance of Queen Latifah adds a touch of glam to a normal lob hairstyle. Request that your stylist uses a straight-edge razor blade to achieve wispier strands. Using protect spray will also help to keep hair smoother and damage-free.

Curly Hairstyle

Both informal and attractive updos are perfect for highlighting a round face shape. As a portion of this curly hairstyle, tight tendrils shape Sarah Hyland’s beautiful round face shape. Anyone with round face shapes may want to take into account voluminous hairdos that add both balance and height.

Modern Mullet

The mullet of today is smoother and much more wearable than the mullet hairdo of yesteryear. Miley Cyrus, as you might know, applies this hairdo and makes this infamous look raised by various layers and lengths. For a glossy appearance, you can use soothing oil, which absolutely gives added shine. As a result, it will definitely make your hair look far more luxurious and fancy. 

Loose Waves Hairstyle

More evidence that center parts look good on round face shapes? Take Amy Adams as an example. As you can see, her smooth, soft waves are tilted slowly away from her round face shape and left soft enough to be worn during the day or even at night. In addition, you might want to use a texturizing spray, blow-dry with a big, soft round brush, and give a few distinctions to the curls with an extra-big barrel curling iron.

Blunt Bangs Hairdo

As you might or might not know, Christina Ricci favors angular looks. Therefore, the piecey texture absolutely compliments her large eyes and beautiful round face shape. The bulky bangs, on the other hand, are the main attraction. They reshape and generate balance, praising a pretty round face shape.

Long Layers in Mid Length Hairstyle

The medium-length, layered hairstyle of Octavia Spencer definitely complements her characteristics. The center part and length of her hair make the appearance visually appealing and attracts lots of attention to the jawline, which lengthens the round face shape. Layers that fall just below or right at the cheekbones function similarly to layering (and are far less cluttered than trying to break out the blusher).

Long Layers Hairdo

Kate Bosworth’s lightly curled and side part ends are another way to style long layers hairstyle. In fact, long layers are wonderful for framing a round face shape. To achieve the appearance, start with volumizing products. And then blow-dry your hair with a large round brush and curl it softly with an extra-big barrel curling iron. Set with a gentle texturizing spray to prevent weighing down your fine hair.

Asymmetrical Hairdo

Asymmetrical hairstyles with a variety of lengths add visual acuity and curves to rounder face shapes. Lana Condor moves one side of her hair in the front, drawing attention down and thinning, toning her round face. Take into account a strong angle fringe to free up this hairstyle and draw attention to your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to have shorter hair if you have a rounder face shape?

No, not always. In reality, a few long styles are equally effective. It is more about the edges, the cut, as well as your personal preferences.

Should people with round faces have their hair layered?

Generally speaking, a layered hairstyle can help to attract lots of attention to the round face and generate edges where none might otherwise exist.

Can people with round faces wear curls?

Definitely yes. Several curl cuts and hairstyles might still perform with edges and volume to give an effect of a less naturally round face shape.