Fashion Trends In Spring Summer 2022 You Need To Know

With the times getting longer and, ostensibly, warmer, we can finally shift our focus to the spring summer 2022 fashion trends. Although you may be reading this in a sweater with a cup of coffee in hand, rest easy knowing that warm and sunny eves are just within reach.

So, taking this into account, it is time to brush up on all the hottest styles, colors, designs, prints, as well as It-pieces set to conquer the coming season. Having a look at the largest trends now would not only make you appear absolutely fantastic ‘in the know’ when going shopping with your friends, but you will also know exactly what you are looking for on the high street, allowing you to snag the high street cult-pieces before they are undoubtedly sold out.

I combed the runways of Paris, London, Milan, and New York to bring you a carefully selected edit of the only fashion trends you really have to know about this season, which you can find below. Something to remember is that there are always a few relatively small micro trends you might just want to try midway through the game, but for now, we are going to concentrate solely on the top spring summer fashion trends for 2022. From the fabrics and colors you will want in your closet to the awesome details you will notice all around, and here are my current favorites, beginning with the most important.


One more day, some other cutout items – or so it appears right now. Famous people are currently absolutely liking the negative space trend. Needless to say, cutouts first appeared on the runway in spring and summer time in 2021, but they are really back and perhaps even flashier this year, 2022. Cutouts, as you might know, come in different shapes and sizes, so there is always a good style for everybody wanting to try the trend. From adding an enjoyable edge to classy, longer dresses to showing up the viciousness on mini skirts and one-piece tops, there is always an ideal style for everybody interested in exploring this spring summer trend.

Lime Green

If The Grinch was in the front row at fashion week this season, he’d have a ball. How so? Because there was basically lime green all around. Instead of being limited to Y2K-inspired homages, the acid color has found its way into snazzy party dresses and rising summer appearances.

Mini Skirts

We have not seen mini skirts (the type of micro-mini) on the runway in a long time, but we do have to accept that we are really kind of digging it. Needless to say, Miu Miu’s utility style has gone global due to its nostalgic appeal, but mini skirts are also popular as examples of high skirt outfits and athleisure-inspired appearances.

Hot Pink

Yes, highlighter colors are making a comeback in 2022, trying to add a fresh flair to your summer closet. If lime green is not your go-to neon color, what about hot pink? This summer season, the power dressing of head-to-toe Barbie-toned is very popular. Just keep digging for slick co-ords and beach vacation closet inspiration, as well as all-out added outfits.


The noughties got a call saying that low-rise bottoms are just coming back. It comes as no surprise that under-the-belly-button waistbands are not for everybody, with a lot of us vowing never to go back. If you are starting to feel daring, this detail would then offer clear approvals to the catwalk collection. Perfectly matched midriff pieces or mix and match your appearance or a less ‘put together’ ambience. 

Statement Trouser Suits

What could be more comfortable than a statement trouser suit? A statement-making trouser suit, of course. Yes, the excessively large ’80s apparel staple is back in a big way this spring and summer, with padded shoulders, broader trouser legs, and spectacular color schemes doing the heavy work in your workplace closet.

Bras Using As Tops

The underwear as outerwear trend has advanced to the next level. The issue here is, are you prepared for it? Abandoning the shirt completely is an appearance for the more daring fashion designers among us, elevating the crop top item to a completely new level. Pair it with triangular-shaped bras and high-waisted skirts that you can layer beneath longer jackets or coats.

Butter Yellow

If you tend to favor pastel shades to vibrant, saturated tones, you will be delighted to know that buttery, warm yellow is a smoother on-trend hue to add to your closet for this 2022’s spring and summer trend. Softer tones are here to stay, no matter if it is billowing maxis, organized crop tops, or classy light long coats. 


Take advantage of this season’s twirly dresses and skirts with full-on fridge awesomeness. For evening parties and events, opt for amazingly sparkly, sequined skeins or fairly thick fringe in neutral color blocking.

Visually Appealing Co-Ords

It is time to embrace the dressy look, which is appropriate for anything from a casual night out to a fantastic weekend in Spain. If you are fortunate enough to be experiencing the latter, I am completely envious; however, the runways tend to lean toward loose-fitting collared shirts (either worn buttoned up, or open to expose a sexy bikini top under it) with clustering short shorts. Figure-hugging and lengthier hemlines contours in surreal, psychedelic prints are the way to go for a more urban-slicker look.


Feathers with colors like strawberry milk have appeared at a number of shows this spring and summer season. They tend to add a touch of whimsy and creative flair to the catwalk. If you prefer a little black dress, you will absolutely be happy to know that the strange black version also made an appearance. Large bird yellow numbers were just nowhere to be found.


Pleats are the last but not least. This spring/summer season, pressed, sparkly textiles will add a touch of Studio 54 glitter to your appearance. Metallic maxi and midi dresses have a true moment. And we also love how influential this summer trend is – basically, slip on a pleated skirt, and your entire attire is changed.