Square Face Shape: 50 Best Flattering Hairstyles For Square Face Shape

Some ladies and girls can be certain of their face shape, while others are unsure. Make absolutely sure that your face shape is square before you start looking at hairdos for square faces. You can start by taking a full-face selfie without a smile. And then, print the photo and use a pencil to draw lines around your face to identify the shapes. Girls with square faces have a face length that is roughly equal to their thickness. Furthermore, such faces have visible jaw angles and cheekbones.

So, if you do have a square face, consider yourself fortunate! Even as they get older, women with square faces remain gorgeous. Furthermore, an appealing hairstyle can enhance their natural beauty.

A figural chin and pronounced cheekbones are characteristics of a square face, which is often the object of our love and appreciation since the most beautiful Hollywood beauties (Sandra Bullock, Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie, etc.) all have square faces. Girls with a square facial structure, on the other hand, frequently need to rectify their strong jawline with an appealing haircut since the length and width of their facial structure are typically the same as each other. This deviates from the ideal body ratio. To loosen the strong outlines of square faces, stylists suggest using asymmetry and face-framing locks.

Hairstyling Tips For Square Face Shapes


When styling your hair, pay special attention to the volume at the root hairs. This will completely correct the ratios, making your face appear longer. To create the effect of an oval face shape, you can use soft, wavy texture and then round off the transitions among textures.

Take into account dyeing different locks or going for ombre when deciding among coloristic methods. Avoid defining the colors’ borders as well. The illusion you want to achieve is smoothness and tenderness.

There is also a large selection of hairstyles for square face shapes. You can experiment with long hair hairdos or extended pompadour hairstyles. Layered hairdos with a lot of layers are the best choice.

A lot of beautiful celebs have square faces, and with the proper strategy, such a square face shape can look stunning. The most beautiful Hollywood actresses with square face shapes use appealing hairdos and make-up to look stunning in any circumstance.

Most Appealing Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes

The thickness of a square face is almost non-existent in comparison to its length, and the jawline is both angular and strong. The methods, in this case, are related to length and edge veiling. You are not required to replicate what is shown in the sample photos on the internet. You definitely can if you want, but knowing how lengths, lines, as well as textures work, especially for your square face shape, will help you win more. So, below are several suggestions to assist you in sorting out all of the details on the matter:

  • Avoid straight haircuts and bangs that imitate your square face shape. Layers that are clearly different and assessed will look good on you. Choose side bangs to draw attention away from your broad forehead and to soften the visual acuity of your square facial characteristics. Avoid blunt-cut, thick bangs as well. They give the bottom of your face the appearance of being bulkier than it actually is. 
  • A side parting, like any other asymmetry, is a real bonus. Choose a little off-middle parting that is a little bit moved from the centerline.
  • Straight, shoulder-length, or maybe longer ringlets along the cheeks could get really easily thin and lengthen a square face. These should cover the jaw angles smartly.
  • A soft feminine haircut shaping your square face with curls and waves will easily win you over. Beach waves, tamed locks, or gleaming bouncing curls? Choose any style you want, or better yet, switch them up for a wide assortment.
  • Hairdos with a certain volume on the top part will help extend your face, but just don’t smooth your hair all the way back. Maintain a few curls on one side or long side bangs. 
  • Stay away from exaggerated volume all along the sides of your cheeks and jaw because it can absolutely widen your face.
  • Short hairstyles are typically awkward looking for square face shapes because they expose your chunkiness. 

Simultaneously, each face is unique, and several faces are more square than others. So, we can only make broad guidelines here. So, let’s get to know better the 50 most beautiful hairstyles for square face shapes.

Medium-Layered Dirty Blonde Haircut

When it comes to choosing the proper haircut, a square face shape is definitely the simplest to work with. You are not attempting to conceal or conceal anything but rather to highlight your outstanding facial bone structure. This blocky, choppy layered lob soothes the angular and strong chin and draws attention to the high, flattering cheekbones.

Asymmetrical Chin-Length Bob with Side Bangs

Generally speaking, there are numerous hairdos that look great on square face shapes. If you really want things relatively short, go with an irregular tousled bob. Swiping side bangs will frame your face more and appear fantastic with glasses.

Medium-Layered Messy Haircut

Hairstyles for square face shapes really can be fun and adorable, no matter if you are in your twenties or even over 50. Styling a few soft, mussed waves into the long bob hairdo can add a lot of interest to the hairstyle. The hairstyle has just the right amount of slump to it; with fiery red standouts and cluttered waves scattered all through, you will absolutely look refined and stylish yet relaxed the whole day.

Stylish Shaggy Messy Lob

The shaggy updo was popular in the 1970s, and it was one of the century’s most popular fashion trends. The long layered bob adds pure dimension and form to your hair, requiring minimum styling in the morning.

Long Wavy Choppy Haircut

You have an extremely good deal of freedom with long hair. If you really have innately wavy hair, part it down the center and let your face-framing parts act as curtain bangs to conceal the edges of your broader forehead. Already, the longer, unkempt waves loosen a square face shape’s strong and angular jawline.

Formal and Elegant Haircut

This elegant, formal style accentuates the square and strong jaw as well as full lips. Strong, iconic facial characteristics look awesome with hair brushed back and away from the face. The important phrase here is “loosely.” A feminine appearance requires a little tenderness around a square face shape.

Short Uneven Messy Pixie Bob Haircut

You shouldn’t really be afraid of a pixie cut if you have a square face and shorter hair. A shorter hairdo can appear really stunning on those with a strong, angular jawline because of the asymmetry and proper layering, and underscored layers make the haircut look even far more vibrant. Think about adding some blonde highlights to your hair to showcase your beautiful waves and the mixing of different layers.

Medium Layered Middle-Parted Haircut

More often than not, simpler is always considered better, and you won’t have any problems with a tidily parted medium haircut. Simply add super loose curls and waves to outline your square face shape. Do you have straight hair that isn’t wavy? There’s no need to be concerned since the hairstyle also looks fantastic straight.

Medium-Length Wavy Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

For square face shapes, a plain hairdo front hairline is a dangerous precedent to slide down, and even if you do like it, there is always a method of bringing it off. Combine the straight bangs with a medium-length crop with loose waves that loosen the angular and strong jawline. It is critical to maintaining the rest of your hair soft to distinguish the bangs.

Asian Off-Middle Choppy Bob

Short haircuts for square face shapes could really be stylish and professional as well. To achieve this look, keep your layers to a minimal level and your ends choppy. Part your hair a little bit off-center to avoid a harsh appearance, and you are ready to go!

Lob Hairstyle with Curtain-Like Bangs

When we talk about fine hair, it is really crucial to pick a style that has some body while also featuring vertical lines that elongate a broader face. Sidling side bangs on both sides appear more stunning with this kind of straight hair, particularly when styled with a long bob haircut. For some further sparkle in your hair, add delicate blonde highlights.

Urban Pixie Hairstyle

If you do not want all those curls and waves and favor the added short length, your short hairstyle can still be quirky, modern, and stylish. The top is clipped with a lighter tone, and the back and sides are grazed close — a daring look!

Chest-Length Choppy Haircut for Thick Hair

The wavy style is the kind of it-girl hairstyle of the moment, so try your own version of this fashionable hairstyle with a chest-length cut. Those with thicker hair will appreciate this shag as it appeases asymmetrical and cluttered layers that help manage any undesired volume.

Piecey Pixie Cut

Trendy colors will be used to update haircuts for square faces. When you cut your hair short, you could really revitalize thin hair. This appearance should take no more than 5 or 10 minutes to put together. Use a heat protectant with a medium hold prior to actually blow-drying. Then, using your fingers, produce the piecey texture by blow-drying your hair forward.

Side-Parted Medium Choppy Hairstyle

Haircuts for square face shapes could really be parted down the center or to the side, so it completely depends on you. If you prefer the appearance of a side-parted style, hold your layers delicate and choose choppy ends to add texture.

Flowy Face-Framing Highlights in Medium Hairstyle

If you do have a square face and wouldn’t want to dedicate yourself to a haircut, try a medium style with long layers. Combine your long layers with face-framing highlights to attract more attention to your pretty face.

Long Textured Hairstyle with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Long, straight hair complimented by a point-cut front fringe creates a nice, elegant style that compliments square-shaped face shapes. Because your jawline is so outlined, you could let your bangs expand slightly longer, skimming your brows and drawing attention to your cheekbones and eyes. Texturize your haircut with choppy layers and enjoy your new look.

Wavy Tousled Chest-Length Hairstyle

Finding bangs that complement a square face shape is far easier than finding bangs that complement any other face shape. If you like the look of side bangs, keep in mind that they blend in with the rest of your hair. You can also accomplish this by moisturizing your layers. Keep a chest-length to take advantage of your bangs as well as finished layers.

Long Flowy Hairstyle with Layers

Face-framing layers that are long enough will absolutely help you add flow to your hairstyle, and straight hair would then result in a style that needs little to no styling. However, take care not to pile on too many layers. Things will go a long way if you keep them simple.

Girly Voluminous Waves

Loose waves and layers are used to create appealing square face hairdos for long hair. The caramel brown blonde highlights, which unveil the rosy cheeks and generate an overall cheerful and vibrant look, add to the flattering of this hairstyle.

Pastel Pink Long Finely Cut Hairstyle

Thin, plentiful layers aid in the creation of flow and texture in thin hair. To achieve a more edgy look, choose choppy ends. What’s more, don’t be afraid to try with the hue of your ends, especially if you want to go all out with light purple and pink highlights.

Wavy Medium Choppy Hairstyle

Take into account your hair’s natural texture when deciding on the best hairstyle for a square face shape. A medium-length cut with loose waves is an excellent pick for any woman with thicker, more difficult-to-control hair. You can also think about a blonde balayage to enhance your new haircut and lighten your thick hair.

Root Lifted Wispy Lob

A suitable haircut can either make or break your hair’s natural volume. Try a wispy lob for a wonderful on-the-go hairstyle. Tickle the roots for added lift and an adorable messy look.

Lob with Ash Blonde Shaggy Wavy Hair

If you like the shaggy appearance, try choppy layers that could be styled into waves for a unique shape that accentuates your square face shape. Do you want to change the color of your hair as well? Make an ashy blonde your new hair color, and accent it with delicate pastel pink highlights.

Choppy Messy Middle-Parted Lob Haircut

Short-to-medium haircut for a square face shape looks great in a long choppy bob hairstyle. The straggly layering of the trim, as well as the part down the center, will add volume. The layers that conceal the sides of the square face give it a slimmer appearance.

Side Bangs on Long Locks Hairstyle

Hairdos for square face shapes work best when they include some well-defined layers. If you like your hair long, just add a side bang to break it up in a complimentary way. This gives your hair bounce and softness.

Loose Curls at the Mid-Length

Because of its texture and color, this medium-light blonde haircut is gorgeous. The short layers and side bangs in the front draw attention to the cheekbones in the nicest way possible. To style, divide your hair into four pieces to make curling easier. Curl your hair out of the face. Shake your hair after curling it to make it look more pure and flattering.

Front Sloppy Fishtail Hairstyle

This adorable and simple appearance is ideal for ladies with fine hair. A pretty messy fishtail braid is a fast and intriguing DIY haircut idea for each day. To provide your hair with a lot of texture, use a texture spray, and complete by gently tying the braid at the end to maintain it secure.

Romantic Side Braid

The cheekbones are the focal point of a square face shape. Pulling your hair to one side in an intimate soft french braid is a piece of cake for any girl or woman with long hair, but it is even far more gorgeous with this type of square face shape. With tousled curls and tangled, make-shift bangs, you can’t go wrong with this flattering hairstyle.

Daily Glamor Hairstyle

Straight and long hair lacks dimension. However, side bangs do add dimension while also adding glamor. A half-down and half-up hairstyle is a lovely way to add boost and volume to the lower half of the square face shape.

Chic Luxury Hairstyle

Jessica Chastain has opted for a stylish side down to highlight her glamorous copper long hair. To replicate her appearance, create a side part, curl your hair at the roots, frame loose, wavy curls with a curling iron, and pull them to one side. Secure your mane with a hair tie at the neck area and texturize spray the curls to hold them together and also in place. This is a fantastic appearance for a party or a romantic date.

Tenderness As Embodied By The “Legally Blonde” Girl

Reese Witherspoon looked like a naive, pure angel at the 4th annual Stand Up To Cancer celebration. Her layered blonde curls and flat-ironed side bangs make a wonderful laconic appearance. This look can be achieved with styling bubbles and flat iron. Blow-dry the hair with something like a bit of styling foam that has been applied to moisture hair and frame irregular loose curls all across your mane – simple yet remarkable and also extremely trendy and fashionable in this 2022.

Adorable Braided Lob Hairstyle

Shorter hairdos for square face shapes should feature sweeping side bangs and plenty of layers. You could really achieve this curly bob appearance no matter if you have thin or thick hair. Purely twist the roots and curl your hair from the mid-length to the ends. Add a braid that conceals underneath the layers for a unique touch.

Elegant Bob Hairstyle

Short bob hairdos with front curls striking at the jaw angles accentuate the angularity of a square face shape. A bob with extended face-framing parts, like Keira Knightley’s, has the reverse effect. This haircut attractively flatters your face while concealing its angles.

Short Crop Haircut for Thick Hair

If you do have a square jawline, a haircut is not out of the question, but you would not want a blunt hairstyle that reaches right at your jaw angles. You can also wear your comfy short hair length and look beautiful as long as you loosen the corners at the texture expense.

Sassy Blonde Lob Hairstyle

Hairdos for square face shapes can really be worn in a wide variety of lengths. However, this one is a current fan favorite. The appealing haircut can conceal your eyes while revealing your smile. This hairstyle can be pulled off on a variety of faces, but it works best on a square face shape.

“Bee Nest” Hairstyle

An updo is the best hairstyle option for a special event. Angelina Jolie opts for a messy hairstyle with incautious face-framing striations, which obscures the outlines of her stunning square face shape.

Super Straight and Short Hairstyle

Women with square faces look great in short pixie hairdos with extended bangs. Furthermore, you can experiment with wavy and straight pixies with attractively shaped bangs. The edgy finish and wonderful bronding solution on Keira Knightley’s straight short curls look fantastic.

Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Classics, as you might know, are always in demand. A square face shape is framed admirably by neatly formed blonde curls with a lovely lift at the roots. Jessica Simpson’s haircut, a la Merilyn Monroe, is astonishingly flattering!

Asymmetric Bob Haircut

Keira Knightley’s face is framed by asymmetric locks that conceal the angles of her jaw and get shorter more toward the neck area. This haircut lengthens Keira’s face and shapes it into a perfect oval shape. You’d have to blow-dry your hair and shape the reversed ends with a round brush. If you really want a finer texture, you should use a flat iron rather than a blow-dryer.

Honey Brown Waves Haircut

It is true that medium hair is ideal for framing a square face shape. With a side part over one monastery and long bangs dropping to the other, this hairstyle exemplifies the styling hair phrase “frame.” The haircut is also extremely appealing and simple to maintain.

Modern Medium Haircut

A square jaw is unquestionably a positive element. And the one that, when styled with the proper haircut, can give a strong but girly appearance. Because of the flawed side part and waves, this medium-length hairdo is extremely contemporary.

Side Bangs

The fact is that horizontal blunt cut bangs can also draw attention to the angular jawline of square face shapes. Olivia Wilde, on the other hand, has managed to avoid this stumbling block. Olivia has selected gentle side bangs that attract attention to her eyes while distracting them from the lower portion of her face. Blow-dry the hair with a lift at the root hairs to achieve this gorgeous haircut. While blowing drying the bangs, use a round brush to straighten them and curling iron to specify the ends.

Swept Locks on The Long Side Hairdo

Asymmetrical haircuts have always been beautiful. Keep your hair pulled back on one side to show off your gorgeous cheekbones. On the flip side, let waves swipe the side of your face. This hairdo is also flattering on hair with ombre tones or highlights.

Amazing Cascading Locks Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie’s bronding is flawless. We are looking at stunning dimensional haircuts with the illusion of daylight in the locks. To obtain this admirable softness and shine, ensure to hydrate your hair with liquid crystals or oils. Flat iron or curling iron is used to generate soft waves. Specify arbitrary locks to improve the 3D illusion and enjoy your stunning appearance!

Ripply Bob Hairstyle

The A-line shape of this stunning short bob graphically narrows Kiera’s square face shape and conceals her jaw angles. Overall, her face is shaped like a lovely oval.

Shattered and Shaggy Hairdo

Shattered, layering edges and bronx highlights draw attention away from the strong chin and end up leaving a really light illusion of a flawless feminine appearance that you can effortlessly adapt for a square face shape.

Bob Tawny with Rounded Corners Hairstyle

You can conceal the chunkiness of your square face shape by rounding off the corners and selecting an alluring warm color that matches the hue of your eyes. Having said that, the most crucial aspect here is the right length – well below the chin.

Cute Confusion Haircut

This adorable blonde hair is tousled and screwed up for a fashionable messy hair look with shaggy edges. The asymmetrical bang curtain illusion and superb texture prosper in distracting us from the square face shape.

Shaggy Babe Hairstyle

A medium-length straggly haircut is also flattering on square face shapes. And this one, with its stunning downlights and highlights, will absolutely make the blockiness almost invisible.

As you can see, the primary objective with a square face shape is to loosen heavy lines with the right hairdos as well as accessories. We believe you will definitely look great if you can visually extend your face as well as around your chin line.