Friday 21st September, 18:00



See the Women in Fashion: Represent talk in the Talks Gallery on Friday 21st September

Women in Fashion discuss the urgency of representation & accountability in fashion today.


Panel Includes:

Daisy Walker (Founder of Women in Fashion)

Marie Yeung (Founder of Marie Yat)

Mischa Notcutt (11 Casting)

Ronan McKenzie (photographer)


Discussing the following points:

  • The importance of visual diversity and its effects on societal pressures
  • The importance of diversity behind the scenes and its effects on culture


About Women in Fashion:

“Provoking change through conversation. Created by Daisy Walker in 2015 as an antidote to an often exclusive and unrepresentative industry. Women in Fashion is a feminist non-profit organisation providing women & men in the fashion industry with a platform to discuss issues in order to provoke change.


Tackling issues such as diversity, representation of gender, age discrimination, sexism etc, the aim is to create a tangible offline space that allows the layers of these issues to be explored and shared with the goal of changing the negative aspects of an industry we love.


Monthly sessions are usually open to 15 people only and are first come, first serve. These are safe spaces, where openness and confidentiality is key.”