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Purple check sleeveless top: A.V.Robertson
Purple check trouser: A.V.Robertson
Purple check headband: A.V.Robertson
Red gloves: A.V.Robertson
Blue glitter sock shoe: Kat Maconie

Beige/yellow crew neck jumper: Bobby Abley
Yellow check trouser: Bobby Abley
Black high top Converse : Converse

Black knitted jumper: Le Kilt
Yellow check pleated skirt: Le Kilt
Red check platform shoe: Underground
Beret: Laird Hatters

Navy/pink check shirt: Markus Lupfer
Maroon check knitted jumper: Markus Lupfer
Maroon check trouser: Markus Lupfer
Black block heels: Kat Maconie

Blue check coat: A.V.Robertson
Red check and metallic skirt:A.V.Robertson
Check hairband: A.V.Robertson
Yellow check socks: Weekday
Red check platform shoe: Underground

Black long sleeve t-shirt:
Boiler Room’s LOW HEAT X Liam Hodges
Beige/brown coat: Liam Hodges
Moss green check trouser: Liam Hodges
Black platform shoe: Dr. Martens

Blue knitted dress: Jamie Wei Huang
Knitted check trench coat: Jamie Wei Huang
White purse: Jamie Wei Huang
Blue glitter sock shoe: Kat Maconie

Black patched hoodie: Underground
Red check trouser: Underground
Check platform shoe: Underground

Yellow check coat dress: Nicopanda
Orange check tights: Underground
Red leather back pack: Esin Akan
Black and white trainers: Foot Locker
Hoop earrings: Freedom Topshop

Blue check off-shoulder dress: minki
Black boots: Tricker’s of England
Black belt: Stylist’s

Grey knitted jumper: Nicopanda
Yellow/red jogger:  Nicopanda
Multi-colour check bucket hat: Nicopanda
Black Fila trainers: Foot Locker

Purple sheer turtle neck top: A.V.Robertson
Yellow check slip dress: A.V.Robertson
Floral check headpiece: A.V.Robertson
Black block heels: Kat Maconie

White t-shirt: Liam Hodges
Coal check wind-breaker: Liam Hodges
Red check cap: Liam Hodges
Blue check trouser: Liam Hodges
Blue trainers: Foot Locker