25 Great Ideas Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

The waterfall braid hairstyle has been a favorite among those with long hair for many years. The look is romantic yet dynamic. As you can imagine, the hairstyle is also very versatile by nature. Its numerous braiding patterns and variations can be worn to any occasion – casual or formal.

There are 25 great ideas for a waterfall braid hairstyle that you can learn from the tutorial below.

waterfall braid
waterfall braid

1. Side Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Here’s how to make a side waterfall braid. It covers the right temple and ear. Apply some styling products to add definition and softness to your hair to get this look. You can also tease the hair near the roots for added volume if desired.

Side Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

2. 5-Strand Waterfall Braid 

5-Strand Waterfall Braid is simple and beautiful. It’s not just a classic braided hairstyle but also a trendy one. It is suitable for any occasion, and you can wear it every day because it’s easy to make and comfortable to wear.

5-Strand Waterfall Braid 

3. Thick Wavy Balayage Hair

Here is a picture of thick wavy balayage hair. It’s a romantic look perfect for any occasion during the day or night. This is a sexy and stylish long hairstyle for long hair. It looks spectacular on straight or wavy hair.

Thick Wavy Balayage Hair

4. Double Waterfall Braid

Double Waterfall Braid is similar to a single waterfall braid. It’s of two braids but not twisted. The difference is that it starts as a regular braid on each side of the head, goes behind the head, and intertwines with the other braid.

Double Waterfall Braid

5. Silver Waterfall Braided Hair

Silver waterfall braided hair is exotic and modern. The color of the braid makes it look extra stylish, especially with the silver earrings. You can wear this hairstyle to make a bold statement. It’s perfect for someone who has long hair.

Silver Waterfall Braided Hair

6. Double Waterfall Half Updo 

This is a variation of the Double Waterfall Braid. It’s a simple and romantic hairstyle for any event during the day or night. You can wear it is or add many accessories to glam it up.

Double Waterfall Half Updo 

7. Straight Braided Hairdo

Straight Braided Hairdo is a beautiful long hairstyle. This look uses two braids. Unlike the Double Waterfall Braid, this one starts on the side of the crown and falls to the side. Both have their pros and cons, and all you need to do is try out more hairstyles to decide which one’s best for you.

Straight Braided Hairdo

8. Braid With Flower Bun

Braid with Flower Bun is very elegant. It takes months of intensive training to master the art of this braid, but it’s worth every bit of effort and time invested. This hairstyle is both classic and modern at the same time. The braid looks great on any woman’s face, especially with the flower bun on top.

Braid With Flower Bun

9. Formal Waterfall Updo

Formal Waterfall Updo is a beautiful and straightforward hairstyle day or night. It looks gorgeous, especially with a tiara and earrings. If you have thick hair, this hairstyle might not look good on you. 

Formal Waterfall Updo

10. Five-Strand Waterfall Braid

If you’re looking for a sleek and classic look, try this five-strand waterfall braid. The best part about this hairstyle is that it can work for women of all ages — from teenagers to middle-aged women. All you need to look at is a straightener and some gel or mousse. 

Five-Strand Waterfall Braid

11. Curled Waterfall Style With Highlights

I was looking for an easy hairstyle for fine hair. Curled Waterfall Style hairstyle is perfect for individuals with medium or fine hair. It’s simple yet looks trendy. You can have this look when you’ve got long hair. The best thing about these types of braids is that they are easy to maintain, plus you don’t need to go to a salon every day to get a new look. There are so many hairstyles and patterns; you can go them all, depending on your mood and the occasion. You can achieve this look by curling all your hair or just a few random pieces with an iron. If you choose to curl your hair, ensure that the curls are set with hairspray to keep them lasting throughout the day.

Curled Waterfall Style With Highlights

12. Shoulder-Length Cut With Waterfall Braids 

Shoulder-Length Cut hairstyle is trendy, and it’s because it looks great on any hairstyle. You can easily make it by gathering the hair in a ponytail and then braiding. You can adjust the height of the waterfall braid depending on your preferences. You can also create twists or curls for a different look.

Shoulder-Length Cut With Waterfall Braids 

13. Braids And A Wave

If you love braids, you will surely love this hairstyle. Keep in mind that this waterfall braid style is mild and elegant. You can quickly achieve the look by starting the braid from your hairline, which will create a wave-like structure around it.

Braids And A Wave

14. Long Straight Two-Strand Waterfall

This simple hairstyle will look amazing on almost any type of hair, and it’s easy to do. The braid is simple and easy to do. Begin by combing hair in a particular direction and then starting the braid on the side of your head. You can also create a waterfall-like braid by looping hair on one side of the head and then starting the other side. You can also apply subtle makeup to enhance the overall look.

Long Straight Two-Strand Waterfall

15. Dutch And Waterfall

Dutch and Waterfall are excellent for those who want a more loose, undone look. It’s also great for when you have shorter hair (less than shoulder length) as it’s not as time-consuming as some of the other waterfall braid styles.

Dutch And Waterfall

16. Boho Wavy Braided Hairdo

Boho Wavy Braided Hairdo is great for those who want to try something that looks casual and relaxed. It’s also perfect for those who want to try a more carefree hairstyle without spending much time on it.

Boho Wavy Braided Hairdo

17. Medium Hairdo With Two-Strand Crown Braid

Medium Hairdo with Two-Strand Crown Braid is excellent for long hair and wants to try something new. It’s also perfect for wanting to wear their hair up but not knowing how to create the look. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want something a little different. The two-strand braid crown adds a bit of extra height and volume to this hairstyle, making it more dressy and perfect for going out. 

Medium Hairdo With Two-Strand Crown Braid

18. Waterfall Crown With Bangs 

Waterfall Crown with Bangs is a great hair idea for those who want to try the waterfall braid hairstyle and feel less worried about how it looks. It’s simple and easy to recreate at home. Waterfall Crown with Bangs can be worn to any occasion but is best worn to more formal events because of its elegant look. 

Waterfall Crown With Bangs

19. Curly Braided Waterfall

Curly Braided Waterfall is the perfect style to wear if you have medium-length hair and look for a classic yet relaxed look. You can achieve this look with your regular hair; it doesn’t require extensions or braiding hair. It’s also not time-consuming because you can simply twist, loop and braid.

Curly Braided Waterfall

20. Waterfall Hair With Plait

Waterfall Hair with Plait is a great hairstyle idea for wanting something casual and straightforward. This style is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to spend hours on their hair. It’s also perfect for looking elegant and put together at any event, but they don’t want to spend hours on their hair.

Waterfall Hair With Plait

21. Beachy And Wavy Blonde Style

Beachy and Wavy Blonde Style is an excellent look for those who love the waterfall braid hairstyle but want something a bit more casual. Instead of creating the look from scratch, you can use it as your guide and add some waves and beachy touches to make it more casual. 

Beachy And Wavy Blonde Style

22. Twisted Hal Up Style

Twisted Hal Up Style is a great hairstyle to wear if you want to wear your hair up but not in a traditional bun. The twisted half-up hairstyle is a great way to create something different without using as many styling tools and products as you would need for a typical bun or ponytail. 

Twisted Hal Up Style

23. Waterfall Braid & Double Dutch Braids 

Waterfall Braid & Double Dutch Braids is a great look for those who want the waterfall braid hairstyle but don’t want to be limited to one look. By adding double dutch braids, you can accentuate any outfit you may wear. It’s also perfect for any formal event where you need to wear your hair up. 

Waterfall Braid & Double Dutch Braids 

24. Sideswept Waterfall Braid 

Sideswept Waterfall Braid is a great hairstyle for those who want something a bit more casual. It’s perfect for those who don’t have time to braid their hair regularly but still want to retain the waterfall braid hairstyle. Since this style only uses one braid, it’s easier to recreate. 

Sideswept Waterfall Braid 

25. Knot Waterfall Braid

Knot Waterfall Braid is another variation of the waterfall braid hairstyle that you can try for a more casual look. Like the previous style, Knot Waterfall Braid is easy to recreate and doesn’t require much time or effort, making it perfect for those who don’t have the time to spend on their hair every day. 

Knot Waterfall Braid