How To Wear Women’s Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have long been avoided by fashionable women, unsurprisingly as they are designed for riding. Which has now altered, and according to the latest fashion trends, cowboy boots are a type of boots you must have right now. They could be worn in a wide assortment of ways to make you look elegant and fashionable.

The major element to chic and feminine cowboy boots outfits is to find the right pair of cowboy boots. It is crucial that you need to pay attention to the shaft height as well as the toe design of the cowboy boots. For example, the pointed-toe cowboy boots are the most appealing cowboy boots that match almost any outfit. And here are several of the best outfit ideas for wearing cowboy boots.


How To Wear Women’s Cowboy Boots In 2022

Let’s go over 20 different ways to wear women’s cowboy boots to make you look more flattering this 2022.

Classic Cowboy Boots with Shirt Dresses and Rancher Hat

To begin, instead of going all out western, pair your black or brown classic cowboy boots with a shirt dress in a thicker fabric (such as flannel or denim) and top that off with a related wide-brim hat or a felt rancher. The final outcome is a fantastic fusion of urban chic true cowboy style.

Cowboy Boots with Blazer and Midi Dress

This date-night appearance is far more pedestrian friendly than strappy stiletto boots, but it’s equally as adorable for making a great first impression.

Contrasting Cowboy Boots with Black Skinny Jeans and Black Denim Jacket

If you prefer jeans, try a new and improved version of the Canadian tuxedo (also known as denim) with fresh black washes and no disturbing. To really up the style point, keep your details and accessories on the sophisticated side (such as to an organized lady pouch, not to a striped fringe-trimmed tote).

Patterned Cowboy Boots with Solid-Colored Dress, Patterned Coat, and Patterned Bag Patterned Coat

To learn how to mix and match printing clothing like a pro, simply begin with a solid, neutral-colored base, such as a black dress or solid white jeans and a plain white shirt. Then you can work your own way radially outward, piling on all the enjoyable flannels, zebra lines or stripes, and color blocking you like without looking too garish. 

Another pro tip here is to ensure all of your printed items have the same (at least) one color.

Black Cowboy Boots with White Button Up and Patterned Skirt 

Black Cowboy Boots with White Button Up and Patterned Skirt 
Black Cowboy Boots with White Button Up and Patterned Skirt 

As you might know, cowboy boots are a statement piece (at least in the urban and surrounding areas), but they don’t need to be the centerpiece of your attire. Style your black cowboy boots with a confidently patterned midi or mini skirt and a vintage white blouse, and they are just as easy to wear as every other black knee-high outfit in your closet.

Colorful, Intricate Cowboy Boots and Black Dress

If you really want to ensure your brown embroidered cowboy boots get all the attention they crave, style them with a simple, plain small black dress and minimalist details and accessories as possible.

Knee-high Cowboy Boots and Sweater Dress

Knee-high Cowboy Boots and Sweater Dress
Knee-high Cowboy Boots and Sweater Dress

Style your western knee-high boots with a warm knit dress to make them winter-appropriate. Chunky, relaxed sweatshirt dresses will be popular in 2022, but slimmer knits would also be fashionable if they fall underneath the knee.

Stark White Cowboy and Printed Mini Dress 

Select a pair of stark white, simple yet elegant cowboy boots and wear them with an adorable mini dress that would absolutely make Twiggy proud to give the cowboy movement a ’60s spin.

Ankle-high Cowboy Boots with Boot-Leg Pants, Leather Gloves, and Silk Scarf

Knot a remarkably silk scarf right under your chin and slip on a pair of exquisite suede or leather gloves to add a little touch of antique-Hollywood glamor to your appearance. While skinny jeans could be tucked into your ankle cowboy boots, we think the outfit best suited wide-leg pants that can move slowly over the top of your cowboy boots for a greater touch of western.

White Cowboy Boots with White Top and White Skirt

If you are not sure, just go for a monochrome appearance. Head-to-toe beige or brown can sometimes fall flat, and brighter tones might be slightly daunting, but white clothes perfectly styled with white cowboy boots creates a glamorous combination that even the sleekest and modern fashionista will feel relaxed. To add a touch of depth to the appearance, play with various patterns or delicate designs, such as denim with white-and-silver crocodile skin.

Cowboy Boots with T-Shirt, Structured Jacket, and Shorts 

You can completely pair your cowboy boots with shorts without looking just like Daisy Duke. The secret here is to select shorts and cowboy boots with a more classy finish. Consider shorts coming with clean washes, longer hem lengths, or non-denim choices matched with slouchy black suede or leather. Finish it off with a structured blazer or jacket, hitting in less than two inches of your hips, and you’re done!

Black Cowboy Boots with Black Top, Black Skirt, and Gold 

Needless to say, if you are going monochrome or single color, you can’t forget the power (and simplicity) of wearing all black. However, a too much darker color can sometimes conceal your figure and end up leaving you looking like a clump. To add curiosity, add several clues of gold, such as a gold belt buckle, a choker necklace, or maybe even an elegant cap on the toe area of your cowboy boots.

Heeled Ankle Cowboy Boots with Denim Shirt and Knit Midi Skirt

For cooler fall afternoons, we absolutely love this nice and comfortable fall combo. Wearing white cowboy boots or another bright and light color instead of dark tones might help liven your mood up and make you appear less weighed down by all that textile.

Tall Cowboy Boots with Silky Midi Dress and Leather Belt 

A stylish outfit and sturdy cowboy boots might not seem like an apparent match, but a formal look, such as a leather belt, might help close the gap. Also, for the highest stylish design points, just pick a dress with a hem that falls around one or two inches underneath the top of your cowboy boots.

White-and-black Cowboy Boots with White Dress and Black Belt

Alternatively, you can completely wear a white belt with a black dress. The idea here is to channel your inner Cruella De Vil (in terms of fashion) and wear only white and black for an enhanced finish.

Cowboy Boots with Preppy Mini Dress and Headband 

Incorporate your preppy and farmhouse sides by wearing items that are all in the same color scheme. Black cowboy boots, a black-and-green plaid dress, and a black headband will look great together. However, brown cowboy boots, a yellow-and-brown floral headband, and a pale yellow short dress or mini skirt will also look great.

Black-and-white Cowboy Boots with Patterned Top and Contrasting Patterned Bottom 

For all who enjoy a great maximalist event, try combining your bold cowboy boots with two similarly eye-catching prints. If you don’t want to have a through-color in every piece, choose patterns with roughly the same size or designs, such as two big contrasting flannels, instead of going too wild with your choices.

Mid-calf Cowboy Boots with Turtleneck Tee and Midi Shirt Dress 

We enjoy a great layered appearance, and this is one of our favorites. Simply slip a thin turtleneck under a button-front midi shirt dress for extra warmth without adding bulk. And after that, to keep your top layers balanced, choose cowboy boots that display just several inches of skin beneath the hem of your midi dress.

Classic Cowboy Boots with Mini Dress and Sweater Vest

Mix and match the two hottest 2022 trends—cowboy boots and sweater vests—to create one ultra-trendy outfit. To keep everything simple but glamorous, layer a solid-colored knit over a dress in a similar color.

Everything is Great

The purpose of bold fashion outfits such as cowboy boots is to have some joy with your garments. So, in the end, wear whatever makes you happy. That signifies tucking skinny suede jeans into burgundy cowboy boots and topping it all off with a floral-decorated denim vest.

Are Cowboy Boots in Fashion in 2022?

Sure thing! Cowboy boots, as you might know, have been on and off our wishlist for the past couple of years, but they are certainly coming back for another round in 2022. The best part is that there is not just one dominant style. So even if you tend to favor the appearance of classic brown leather, silvery, or even red with embellished flowers, all are in style.

Are Cowboy Boots Worn Over or Under Jeans?

In reality, you can do it anyway, but each needs a different leg design. Stick to leggings, skinny jeans, and any other pants with slim fits if you really want to tuck them in your cowboy boots. They will not appear bulky or gaggle just above the top of your cowboy boots and will make your legs appear taller and leaner.

Wide-leg designs and, of course, boot cuts, on the other hand, will flow easily over the top of your cowboy boots. Besides, you can think about the middle-of-the-road looks, such as straight legs, for a day and then various versions of fashionable footwear (such as clumpy loafers or vintage ’70s sneakers).