What is The Best of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020?

Paris Fashion Week gathers fashion icons every year. There are costumes that are nowhere to be seen on Earth. What is the best of the Fall collection this year? We have a list.

Fashion is no longer just a look or money. It’s the influence and reflection of young people, trends and even speaks of the world’s situations. 2020 was the year when the world confronted novel coronavirus, crisis, and other difficulties. However, the Paris Fashion Week in Fall 2020 happened and brought fashionable insights into our life. Let’s rewind and take a look at the best collections this year.

Paris Fashion Week

But first, let’s prepare some background knowledge about this event.


Paris Fashion Week occurs every six months in all Paris locations. French Fashion Federation decides the date, but the shows could happen anywhere in the city, depending on the brand and the season.

It’s one of the Big 4 events around the world. The three others are located in New York, Milan, and London – villages of trendsetters. The shows in Paris include exhibitions of the ready outfit, male fashion, and Haute with clothes design for the current season. 


The fashion week gathers famous model makers around the world such as Dior, Channel, and more big brands. Therefore, guests to the shows are meant to be fashionista, investors, stylists, celebrities, and trendsetters with considerable credit in fashion. Not only that, models for the show need not be under 18 and obtain certain body figures. 

Costumes in Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020

Corona has been the biggest threat to the world in 2020, and it brought lockdowns everywhere, especially in London. The virus once canceled the Milan Fashion week due to the rocketing death toll in the country.

However, the deep sorrow doesn’t affect the fashion world. Coming to the Paris Catwalking shows are joyful and inventive. There are different colors, and messages to the fall collection. Let’s see the outstanding ones. 

Louis Vuitton 

People usually talk about fashion as the synthesis of the past. The trend repeats, with a touch of time and vibes of tradition. It’s always a place to display the old-school style in modern stages. Louis Vuitton, in 2020, combines colors through a time trail to bring on stage a vibrant but elegant outlook.

The best outfit of the brand should be this one. It combines a different piece of clothes, and each comes from different times. The 18th- century vest appears simple in Louis Vuitton signature tune with the classic yellow stripes. Petit’s white shirt succeeds in bring back a feminist look and emphasis on the vintage tone. Even the leather trainers remind us of the beautiful elegance of fashion in past centuries.

However, the most stunning part must be the futuristic skirt. It ends with three layers of colors and the parachute shape builds up an impressive appearance. It’s understandable to say that Ghesquière is the best combination. He came so far with bringing past and future together. The robotic silver and sweet pastel stun out on velvet black. The outfit will be a yes for time traveling.


Chanel is famous for innovative dress and design that lead women to freedom. Coming to the 2020 Paris Fashion Week Fall, it brought the exact attitude of the past. If you know the brand through elegant outfits and the all-time favorite handbags, you should see the Chanel look today since it expands your idea about feminist wear.

Virginie Viard talked about the Channel collection of this year using the world “freedom”. Featured by woman-friendly pieces like a skinny crop top, ankle boots, and long coat. The outlook brings about the emphasis on power and freedom while remaining gentleness.

Virginie Viard styled the set with Chanel accessories which appear gracefully but no less stylish. Three models representing three races in the world speak their throne over this life. You can come straight to the street with this outfit and express your freedom loudest but non-verbally.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander MacQueen brought on the stage the strong vibe of powerful female warriors. The point is their look of fall 2020 carries on the past structure and modern colors.

Take a look at this outfit and you will feel the fierceness, not because of the color but overall construction, mixing accessories and shoes.

The catwalk happened along with bird songs and children’s voices that all remind us of something soft and cheerful. However, walking on the wooden floor are women on leather boots, flashy silver shoes, and balloon folds of clothes.

The dress looks like walking straight out of a fairy tale but the most vibrant color. The overall appearance could resemble the past century. But when you study sturdy shapes and materials, it more likely presents warrior armor. The leather boots cover the whole legs emphasis on power. The look minimizes using accessories to bring out simplicity and focus of empowerment.


Balenciaga’s Gvasalia continues with his best suit – observation and meaningful messages through dress. Balenciaga is known for its minimalist outfit, classical but modern so that the look never dies out of time. This year was tough, but the world stood tall no matter what. Gvasalia designed a vest with impressive shoulders along with all-time favorite accessories like leather gloves, sunglasses, and boots. It looks serious, but the attitude is meant to pat us on the back.

The out-of-the-box combination between grandpa vest with red lingerie boots was astounding to the audience. On that catwalk stage, every walk on that vest showed the courage of the world again.

Besides, Gvasalia even brought another look to the show. He finally afforded religious memories through a black robe and velvet dress. The simplicity of black and its power made the outfit back in time when people pray in Church wearing mysterious clothes. 


Hedi Slimane designed a collection following his passion for the Parisian bourgeoisie that seems never to die. Looking at the fall collection, we feel that Celine brought Paris in festive winter on stage again. The theme focuses on simplicity and elegance as signature Celine but other than that, fall time is holidays to Paris, so a bit of sparkle will be right.

It was a very classic long dress that Parisian would love to wear out. A bit of show-off neckline and shoulder could be enough to present their taste with a jacket closed under the wind. Along with that, Celine was loyal in matching the dress with leather plain booths, a small handbag, and sunglasses. You were seeing a Parisian on streets like this, familiar but modern and trendy.


Loewe to the Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 was innovative and young. If people were feeling the weather, Loweve seemed to pay attention to the new year only. Through the collection, with all volumized shapes, frontages, shoulders, and everything, they showed off an inspirational attitude to the new day’s fashion.

S.M. commented on the collection using the quote – also the heading of the brand “You Never Knew You Wanted It Till You Saw It. And, it becomes real to look at these outfits. It’s not a synthesis of the past, looking for future trends or anything but just the word of fashion.

The designer forgot about the weather, season, and the trend but the passion. It’s hard to say the theme since they didn’t ton sur ton in material, colors, or design. Audiences fed on a visual feast thanks to brocade dresses, matte black, horizontal helmets, and upper-arm shoulders. It’s not only good but so extra. 

Paco Rabanne 

Dossena – the designer of Paco Rabanne went back a little further, to the 60s. His taste is known for critical traveling time and smart combination using past material. Coming to the stage of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020, he didn’t let the world down by leading the way to fashion villages in the 60s and 70s.

The look of this season extended in the spiritual-religion allusion. Even the walk happens inside an old-fashion building with massive poles and a stone floor. However, the background did significant work in the stand the costume out.

He exploited a deeper angle of the robe style, monklike head accessories, and the classic mysterious pattern. The use of crystals on the handbag and chest area speak for glamour. The collection dipped in the past, into myth, deities, and spiritual gods. As can be seen, it responds to nothing in the technology time, but these looks still drive people deeply.

Maison Margiela 

Why other designers present their collection with the holy atmosphere or distant vibe, Martin Margiela threw his artistic pieces into a colorful stage, close to the audience and vivid walks.

His idea of innovating from vintage clothes finally came out on stage. He changes the look of vintage, restructures, and deformations to make an impressive design. Looking at the collection, it’s a playful show where color, material, shapes, and lines combine beautifully together.

Instead of the invention using new material, he studied vintage pieces and conducted awesome artwork. As H.B said, he was creating with a conscience. If we look at the world’s situation regarding the environment, the reuse in the fashion world should encourage a significant cut of carbon emission. And, is it coincidence that Paris was the place where the world made a pact?

Saint Laurent 

Vaccarello in the last fashion week in Paris had brought back the sensuality of the brand founder, Yves brave use of color and innovative combination among material, items, and shades. Let’s look at only three perspectives and feel deeply how inspirational he was as a designer.

These outfits offered a risky mixture of high contrast, not only in color but also in material. Leather leggings with a vest or fur jacket covering the chiffon shirts. He mixed the look of fancy with a casualty that not a normal person could conduct.

The color appears differently on leather, fur, chiffon, or fabric. However, Vaccarello led in Yves’ sense of color together with the Monsieur Saint Laurent sensuality. You can find a unique mix of emerald, hot pink, and dark red on latex or plain leather. Each look showed off with bravery and confidence that no designers could perform.  

If you only see Saint Laurent in dark color in recent seasons, you must change your opinion on Vaccarello’s taste when looking at this season. And let’s hope it’s not a single time thing.


In recent years, Dior promoted freestyles using playful colors, random items, and surprise. This year, continuing with the path, Chiuri has developed it out of imagination.

Coming to the collection, there are multiple looks, from street style to elegance, minimalist to colorful. But whatever it is, they were sticking around the slogan “I say me”. Since the world is billions of separate souls with a distinctive vision of beauty, there must be no boundaries on saying which is pretty.

The over theme surrounded informal style with Jackets, net socks, a jumpsuit in free-style material such as denim, cotton, leather, or satin. 

Marine Serre

Serre created upon the new cycle of life. Hence, her collection always reflects the world’s message, like the planet burning on the Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020.

She made use of symbolized moon prints, layers, and cultural patterns to deliver the urgency. All outfits appeared with an inescapable heat. You might feel them alike, but not a single piece repeated during the show. 

Kenneth Ize

Featured by Naomi Campbell, this year’s Kenneth Ize introduced weavers in Nigeria. The designer had spent a lot of time studying this concept in Africa and he seemed to end up very well.

He wanted to combine the artisanship of continents, no matter differences in colors, concepts, or materials. Along with the cultural style in Nigeria, it was a collection with a playful color. However, he brought in lacemakers of Vienna, clutches. If he was doing a transcultural show, he looked successful.

The Fashion Week in Paris 2020 may not be as great as the previous year. However, it stayed tuned for the work’s calmness, reflective and vibrant as it always was. The pandemic won’t be over soon and Europe will confront the more hectic second wave. But, creation in fashion will raise fiercer and show you even better design in the upcoming Spring collection.