Style Combat Boots with Your Casual Clothes for A Stunning Look

Regardless of the cold season or the hot season, your shoe locker should have a good pair of boots, especially combat boots. Combat boots can be combined with many outfits but are not with some pants and skirts. 

If you do not understand this, you may cause the whole clothes to become not harmonious. So how to wear combat boots? The following article will give specific suggestions for you to find the right clothes mix recipe for you right away.

How to Wear Combat Boots?

Combat boots with leggings

Combat boots with faux leather are a cute combo. You can pair boots with a shirt jacket or dressy sweater for a casual look.

Combat boots with a black outfit 

You should wear a cozy fleece jacket, a ruffle sleeve sweater, or a puff sleeve top with combat boots for this monochrome outfit.

Combat boots with jeans

Your fall look cannot lack a pair of combat boots. So, crop flare jeans or skinny jeans will give you a stylish look.

Combat boots with a dress

Combine a dress with combat boots for an edgy style. You can wear them without tights or with tights if you need more warmth.

Simple Tips to Properly Wear Combat Boots

Although combat boots might look bold, bulky, and big, it does make an impression on the streets. This type of boots is immensely versatile when you can wear them for both dressy and casual styles. For example, you can wear combat boots with flared frocks, LBDs, skinnies, denim cut-offs, etc. Keep on reading to find out some tips to wear combat boots appropriately. 

For a Feminine and Dressy Look 

Pair short solid color dress with combat boots

You should choose a short dress with bold prints or solid colors to wear with combat boots for a classy but simple outfit. If you opt for a long dress, a flowy dress with the length above the boots’ top can give you a carefree look. Remember to choose long dresses with small prints such as mini polka dots or florals. 

A skirt with combat boots 

To create a professional and balanced look, it will be better to go for a pencil skirt with a gray, black, or tan color. The skirt should hit above your knee. If you wear a structured top, a looser skirt with pleats or ruffles would be more suitable. 

A nice blouse with short combat boots

A flowy and light blouse coordinated with a warm brown pair of combat boots can keep you with the feminine vibe. Otherwise, you can think about a shirt with several girly details such as ruffles, frills, or lace. Besides, it would be best if you chose shorter boots to show your ankle. 

A pair of cropped dress pants with short combat boots 

Cigarette pants or cropped jeans in dark colors such as brown, black, navy, or gray are appropriate for this stylish look. It would be better if you wear pants whose slim-cut falls above your ankle. Another way to do it in case your pants are too long is to troll them up. 

For Casual and Laid-Back Style

Acid-wash or distressed skinny jeans with combat boots

Look for light-wash jeans in a baggy style with a frayed hem or rips in the knee. Remember to show off your boots’ top by rolling up the hem. 

Put on a solid color sweater or T-shirt

You just need a fitted tank top or T-shirt for an ordinary day, which creates a casual look. If you like something more special, you can choose a chunky sweater, a button-down shirt, or a fitted blouse. 

Leggings or tights tucked into combat boots

The combat boots are relatively chunky, so you had better go for dark brown or black color, making your legs slimmer. Plus, if you want to capture other people’s attention, you can wear those having a light shimmer. 

Wear loosely-tied boots

Most combat boots have heavy-duty and tight laces. To have a cluttered look, you can untie and pull the laces on numerous sections to make them look undone and mismatched. 

Combine with a plaid shirt 

Purchase a shirt nipping in slightly at your waist and leave it fully or partially unbuttoned. You can consider color schemes such as red and black for a classic look, blue and black, or yellow and black for a modern one. 

Bonus Tips for Choosing A Suitable Pair of Combat Boots for Your Look

Choose new-looking and polished combat boots for dressing up

If you want to dress up with stylish combat boots, you should choose a classic brown or black leather pair. They should be structured and new as the worn boots seem to be relatively casual. Besides, you should ensure that there are no marks or scuffs on the material. 

These days, vintage boots are often made from traditional leather products, while there is a newer development known as vegan leather. And you can feel secure when wearing combat boots as most of them are available in this new type of leather. 

Choose rugged combat boots for the laid-back style

If you are interested in a dynamic look, you should consider a pair of combat boots that are polished or scuffed. These boots are likely softer and more comfortable. However, they do not have a structured look. 

Choose combat boots with embellishments for a feminine look

Boots with buckles, embroidery, and rhinestone studs might be all-time-favorite items of many shopaholics. If you are not the exception, think about a sturdy pair, but ensure that these embellishments will not affect the shoes’ fit. 

There will be a minor issue related to the embellishments. As you can guess, the rhinestones and embellishments might fall off quickly. Hence, it would be better to keep the receipt to return the boots or have them replaced/ repaired in the store. 

Select colored boots for additional interests 

Frankly, it would help if you opted for some bright colors such as white or red to match with a lot of outfits. However, you also have to think if this color goes with what you usually wear. For instance, you wear pastel, light colors, and light-wash jeans; you can choose white combat boots. 

The only thing to bear in mind is that there should not be any discoloration on your combat boots’ heel or toe area. The boots should have only one solid color. 

Opt for boots with chunky heels 

A pair of combat boots with chunky heels can elongate your legs. Normally, combat boots have heels of 1 inch. But some types have 3-4 inches heels. In case you feel confident enough to walk in high boots or seek a more feminine pair, you should purchase them. The chunky heel boots help you look taller. 

How to Wear Combat Boots Correctly?

Step 1: Get ready before wearing the boots

Put your socks on and stretch them to the desired height. Then, you place a mirror on the floor and check if you can see your foot in the reflection. 

Step 2: Put your foot into the boots

Before placing your feet inside, you should untie or loosen the shoestrings. Make sure that your feet have enough room to breathe while it is not too large. It will be better to get it properly snug fit. If the combat boots do not perfectly fit, you should exchange them in case of not being scuffed or damaged. 

Step 3: Pull on shoelaces

You will begin from your toes on each foot to pull on the laces. Normally, you will tighten from the shoe’s bottom. When moving up each foot, you pull on each lace and gradually tighten the shoe. Try to create a slacker when you go higher up. Keep doing your job until you see that the boots are adequately laced. 

Step 4: Tie the shoestrings

Before tying the knot, you should pull up on laces. Simultaneously, you pull tightly and tie each shoe a bowknot. You can perform double knots if necessary, so that the shoestrings cannot drag on the ground. Finally, you check the shoes’ sturdiness to ensure that every part of the shoe is utterly and securely fastened.

Two Simple Methods to Tie Combat Boots

Tying the laces is somehow a separate art. Following are some forms to tie combat boots from the easiest to the more complex so that your boots can stay held all day. 

Video Tutorial 

This video introduces two methods to tie combat boots quickly. Before reading the next section’s methods, you should watch this video to imagine and know the methods more clearly. 

Method 1 

This method seems to be suitable for those who have short legs. Firstly, you take off all the lace on the upper part of your combat boots. After that, you leave this part down. You pull the lace on the highest hole of each side of the upper part and tighten the two laces in front. 

Then, you wrap the shoelaces backward so that there will be a circle around your boots. You make another crisscross and tie them, but do not do it too tight as you might want to slip on and off easily. 

Method 2 

With this method, it is recommended to wear combat boots with black leggings. So, the first step is also to take off the shoelaces in the upper part. Afterward, you tie the lace around twice and tie the normal knot in front. 

Should You Wear Combat Boots with Heel Sole or Wedge Sole? 

Selecting between heel and wedge soles seems to be challenging for those who do not wear combat boots often. As a matter of fact, they will play an important role in your walking experience. These soles are manufactured for numerous surfaces, so you should get some information about them to have the best boots. 

When Can You Use Heel Sole Combat Boots?

It can be said that the heel combat boots provide great traction. The gaps between the stacked heel and the sole lugs offer an excellent amount of grip. Therefore, you will have a steady footing on soft surfaces and uneven terrain. 

When Can You Wear Wedge Sole Combat Boots?

As you might guess, wedge sole combat boots can offer more stability, so they are proper for those who have to walk or stand a lot. Plus, this type of boots is useful in farm work. Many farmer’s wives might make these boots prevalent inadvertently. 

If you tend to travel some places with tripping hazards, you should opt for wedge sole boots. The large contact point will help the treads not be entangled with small items. Therefore, it is safer to wear wedge sole combat boots in some work environments. 

Let’s look at this table below to get a thorough understanding of which heel option that is suitable for your needs!

FeaturesHeel SoleWedge Sole
Variety of stylesYesNo

As you can see, there are not many differences between these two types, making it tricky to choose one. Now, we will go deeper into each feature to help you make a more in-depth comparison. 


The sole accurate type can protect you and your feet from slipping and falling. Several sites will be full of debris that is pointed and sharp enough to cut through or punch your boots’ bottoms. If you have boots with puncture-resistant outsoles, you will be safe. 

Variety of styles

The outsoles might have an impact on the overall appearance of your footwear. If you intend to wear a pair of combat boots regularly, you should like their appearance. So, it will be better when you look at these criteria when deciding. 


The comfort characteristic allows you to wear the boots for long periods. Apart from the upper fit and the cushioned insoles, the sole also contributes to this. To be more specific, it accommodates cushioning and support for your whole body. 

Additionally, your feet will be affected directly while you wear boots all day. From this point, comfort should be the priority when you choose combat boots so that your feet will not be painful. 


Everyone wants their combat boots to last long. This is why the combat boots should be well-constructed and durable. You might think that the durability relates to the construction instead of the sole. However, the sole of your boots does impact longevity. Indeed, it can determine how much you can withstand from the place you go and the frequency you wear it. 

How to Style with Combat Boots for Men?

The combination of jeans and combat boots for the male lead is the most popular style in the boys’ choice when he wants to create personality and style in his fashion sense. Jeans are always the number one choice for guys, and almost every guy owns a few in the closet, simply because it is handy and gives them a dusty style, personality that the guys want.

If you want to create a style with combat boots, then there isn’t a perfect choice compared to jeans. The dust of jeans combined with personality boots must be a way to coordinate with men’s boots.

To increase their personality, in addition to jeans, pants or khaki pants are also a choice that guys should not ignore when they want to combine with men’s boots. A quality leather jacket will be more stylish when combined with combat boots. This set is an indispensable set for men who love adventure trips with their iron horses.

Dark pants will add a personality color when combined with men’s boots. You can choose military-patterned pants or simply with plain colored pants that are  


Are combat boots comfortable to wear?

If you choose tight or even snug boots, your feet will feel frustrating and painful when walking. If the combat boots are vast, the walking step is uncertain, and the legs look less slim. When standing up, try walking back and forth and wiggling your toes and see that the tip of the toe that is not being rubbed against the tip of the shoe is just right.

How to wear combat boots in summer?

If you want to combine a feminine look with combat boots, you can wear them with tight jeans and a loose shirt in summer. Besides, combat boots with jumpsuits or fake skirt pants are suitable for walking around or going to work. Denim jackets with shorts of the same material are suitable for this type of boots because they are strong in style.

How to wear combat boots with jeans?

With this shoe’s characteristic, you should pair it with stylish flannel jeans or impress with matching them with skinny jeans. When combined with skinny jeans, you should lightly tie your shoes’ neck and tuck the bottom of the pants inside to create both femininity and charm. Note should choose boots with color contrast to the pants color to create an accent for the overall outfit!

Do you tuck your skinny jeans into a pair of combat boots?

Combat boots have a high neck design but can be tightened or exposed. An impressive set of clothes is the combination of combat boots and skinny jeans, lightly tying the shoes’ collar and tucking the pants to create a fashion style that is both feminine and seductive.

Are combat boots still in style?

Combat boots are highly personal and considered one of the most effortless boots to combine, suitable for all people and all-weather. Because of its convenience and outstanding feature, this type of boots is prevalent. Although it has been in the fashion world for a long time, this item still maintains its position.

Should combat boots be loose or tight?

Combat boots are more complex to fit than regular footwear, as they often seal the legs and have tubes. A suitable boot is a pair that hugs enough, preventing the foot from being moved inside the shoe. It would help if you did not choose boots with too much space between the feet and shoes.

Can a woman aged 50 years old wear combat boots?

From the age of 50 onwards, women tend to choose elegant clogs to showcase their gentle and noble beauty. However, that does not mean women in their 50’s do not wear combat boots. Feel free to choose outfits and combat boots according to your preferences, as long as you know how to match them accordingly.

Is it ok to wear boots daily?

Wearing boots every day will adversely affect the blood circulation in the feet and the whole body for a long time. In the long run, it will cause leg numbness, blockage of blood vessels, danger to blood pressure, heart disease. Doctors’ advice is that after about a few hours of continuous diodes, we should remove a few minutes, doing massage movements to stimulate blood circulation.

Can I wear combat boots for walking?

Walking with boots will prevent the foot from naturally stretching, affecting the leg bone structure, and in the long run, the big toe or little toe will be twisted. To overcome this situation, you should choose for yourself the soft, smooth, size boots that should be a little wider than the legs, which will create comfort for the feet.

What can women wear with combat boots?

Combat boots are warrior-style shoes. Therefore, they have a very aggressive appearance. A feminine black dress with split legs mixed with combat shoes will be a valuable suggestion for girls to wear every day. Also, you can combine combat boots with items such as long skirts with outstanding or impressive motifs.

Final Words

If high-heel sandals can bring luxury and arrogance, sneaker shoes help you become younger and more active. Combat boots are a potent weapon to enhance personality and rebellion. In general, combat boots can efficiently coordinate and maintain their standard physique like other boots. 

Besides, combat boots can make every set of items you wear on your body look more disruptive. Through this article, you now have grasped a lot of knowledge about how to wear combat boots correctly and appropriately. Hopefully, you find this article helpful for your, and you can mix combat boots with numerous clothes ideally to have an impressive outfit.